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  1. hi guys started accutance 2 months ago and got this huge cyst growing on my cheek! it sorta has like 5 little white dots (of pus) in it. how does accutane heal cysts like this? does it eventually dry up or should i put something on it? how long would this type of thing take to heal? any advice is greatly appreciated thanks
  2. I hate it when your friends think you're overreacting because its 'just skin' (they have perfect skin) and dont understand how acne affects you as a person (if only we could swap bodies for one day I bet they'll shut up) people recommend proactiv or laser shit that worked for them but wont work for you your parents hate you for being grumpy all the time bc of your skin issues your siblings and relatives all have clear.perfect skin except for you your the only one at work with fucked up skin
  3. If I had clear skin i would SO go for it too. But no. I dont. so I wont. This shit sucks.
  4. when you have bad acne and you see the person you like, like another person who has 'perfect skin' who is 'confident' and 'doesnt care abt her looks' (coz she doesnt HAVE to) and you cant do anything about it coz u feel/look like crap coz of your acne...
  5. Same I want to be complimented and be confident again. I Hate acne. People dont understand how it affects a person. I HATE ACNE
  6. I Fucken Hate Acne. Stuff Said. "Aw you're too obsessed over your looks its just skin" JUST SKIN? well if you had to go through what i go through you'd feel pretty shit too Dickhead. "You should wash your face with lemon juice/do facials/see a dermotologist" Hate when ppl with PERFECT SKIN try to give you advice on how to rid your acne such as "Have you tried PROACTIV?"
  7. Yes, I've had all that happen too. It's so frustrating!
  8. Ask your Derm for advice. Likely they will give you some sort of Antibiotic/Topical to use
  9. I know right, you want nice skin but have to go through all these side effects and risks that may happen. I think you should speak with ur derm and also let a close friend keep an eye on you if u decide to take Tane
  10. Yes I reckon you should speak with your Derm. But yea everyone reacts differently to Tane so its hard to predict.
  11. It will Heal but I think it may take longer thats all.
  12. i hate that too!!!!!!!! if all i had to do was wash my face and eat vegies, fruits and drink water. my skin would be flawless. but no. i hate ppl who dont have to do anything either. my friend just rinses her face iwth WATER, drinks alcohol. parties heaps, eats junk. and has flawless skin. its kinda annoying when i do so much and receive so little.