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    yoga, hiking, camping, going to shows, going to festivals, Longbranch-ing, collecting vinyl records, reading, my hooligan, A.L.F., animals, foreign countries, foreign accents, D.I.Y., music, good beer, paranormal research, veganism, vegetarianism, equality, feminism, sustainability, mountains, direct action, true communism, new places, intelligence, tattoos, anarchy, peace.
  1. ayyitstara

    Acne.org and pregnancy

  2. ayyitstara

    Starting tomorrow!

    I just got Dan's entire regimen in the mail today! Including the jojoba oil, but excluding the moisturizer because some people said it was overly moisturizing and it made most peoples' skin shiny. So, in place of Dan's moisturizer I'm using Eucerin Everyday Moisturizer with SPF 15. I'm starting tommorow. Yay!
  3. ayyitstara

    Acne.org and pregnancy

    Can anyone tell me how safe Dan's regimen is during pregnancy? I'm 4 months pregnant and ordered all of Dan's products last night. I only just realized there could be something unsafe for my baby in the regimen. Thanks a bunch! -Tara