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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I asked this in a different forum from a different site, and all I got were immature comments, such as "How about "Racist Day"? Dedicating an entire day to a race is racist. Where is the Whitey Day? I want a Whitey Day." and my topic filled up to like 85 posts in half an hour. At least this community is more mature. Anyways, I think my theme would be "It's a small world after all"
  2. I have been thinking about committing suicide too, just because of my acne. I would be really really really happy if I die right now. It's just that... I can't. I'm still young, 16. Because of acne, I want to quit everything, even school and not pursue college. I just want to stay home and sleep in hope that my red marks, scars, and acne would disappear. I just want to stay in a bubble, without anything, for a long long long time, unti my acne hopefully clears up. Otherwise, I would pick suicide
  3. I need a theme for our International Week at our school. We have a week where we celebrate a certain culture each day. These are Asian/Pacific Islander, Latin, European, African American, USA day. I need a theme, so it won't be just International Week. Something like, "United we stand, divided we fall" or "It's a small world" or something else. Anyone? Thanks.
  4. Those ingredients you posted aren't really into the bleaching cream. I kinda have a similar product, but it's called Beanne Extra Pearl Cream. It's cheap, but it's working. It's like 4.99, and I have been using it as a mask, and red marks whitener. Those ingredients you posted I believe helps on regenerating skin cells, just like my product.
  5. If acne was a person, I'd tear both of his ear, cracking the soft white cartilage, force him to swallow them to his mouth and make him chew it as I enjoy the sound of cartilages cracking like popcorn, put a bottle of benzoyl peroxide to each of his eyes, make figures of hell on his chest, make holes on his stomach, then slice his fingers and put them on the stomach holes like worms sticking out from the ground, then get a hammer, and smash all his toenails, then slice a narrow line starting from
  6. BUMP! I have been doing this regimen for more than 2 months or so and guess what, it is really working! Bye-bye medications, bye-bye peroxides, bye-bye dermatologists and doctors. I am, somewhat, free from this curse now. I now realized that using all these medications such as benzoyl peroxide would do something to your skin, making it more prone to acne in the future. So as soon as you stop using them, acne will immediatly break out from its hive again. My body, and pocket cannot afford to con