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  1. hi how have you been I see they have made some changes!

  2. So been quite a while since I posted here, have been busy with life and enjoying having clear skin that doesn't cause me to obsess in the mirror day in day out - it's very liberating! Have had no issues skin wise really apart from a pimple here and a pimple there, generally tied to hormonal fluctuations. Finding it increasingly easy to avoid gluten and I am thinking as well that perhaps I am becoming less sensitive to possible exposure, as I have had a few glasses of wine recently with no ill ef
  3. This is one of the wierdest things I have ever come across on this board - no fat and high fruit diet??? Not sustainable or healthy in the long run by any stretch of the imagination - a short term detox, sure, but you are risking serious problems to you endocrine system with cardio vascular disease, diabetes or cancer as end point outcomes if you choose to make this your staple diet over the long term. Sure, get rid of sugar and fat together in those combinations that we know are bad - refined
  4. Yay! Mega congrats and kudos to you - have always wanted to try the raw thing myself, but I love my cooked food too much, plus with a picky family to feed it aint so easy. Well done you - you look beautiful and your skin is glowing!
  5. Forgot to say that the above recipe makes enough for a few days if kept in fridge - I am using this daily now I am having such good results, so makes sense to make a decent sized batch. No worries, hope you enjoy - let me know what you think
  6. It's easy peesy - just put some powdered turmeric into a ceramic bowl (plastic will stain as you have found out with your glasses) with a good dollop of honey, a healthy squeeze of lemon juice, a splash of goats milk and a wee bit of castor oil (maybe a teaspoon?) - I'm not very good with quantities, but you need to start off with around a couple of table spoons of turmeric and then combine all the other ingredients until you make a thick paste. That's it really! Then all you have to do is run
  7. I had mackerel for lunch myself, with a greek salad on the side - yum! Sorry about the rivita though, although I am sure that rye in small amounts would be fine. Yeah, I think flaxseed in large does could be problematic- depends how much you are supplementing with it really. Here is some good info below that goes into all interactions and contra-indications: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/natural/991.html P.s. no worries about all the questions, I am a bit of a knowledge ju
  8. Off the top of my head anything that has phytoestogens in, so soy and rye are big culprits here - when I was drinking a cup of soya milk a day years ago I started to get my period every 2 weeks..crazy! Flaxseed also has lignans in which can effect hormones I think, but in a hormone blocking way which can be beneficial in things like breast and hormonally derived cancers. And then there are all the oestrogenic herbicdes and pesticides used in farming, so it is really important to try and eat or
  9. When you say very very long cycles do you mean they are long in duration of menses i.e. you bleed for a long time, or a long time between bleeding? It sounds to me like you have some sort of imbalance going on but whether it is high oestrogen, low progesterone, or vice versa is something that would be worth figuring out so you can avoid certain foods that have effects on hormones, or maybe take herbs that would help to balance them - there are def some good ones out there, you just need to knwo
  10. Guess natural methods are not for you then O fertile one! Dutch cap? Sponge? Barrier methods can be almost as effective as the BC pill, if a bit messy and awkward to use. Gotta be better than condoms though, or worse still, abstinence!
  11. Hi Greeneyes, how exciting for you! Know what you mean about one more summer of fun - I am of the same mind myself, and if I do go for it I am planning for around Christmas time so that I can get as far into the last year of my PhD (when I will be writing up) as poss before entering pregnancy and baby world - oh god, am I really considering this?!! Writing it down kind of makes it seem all the more real....! Pregnancy and acne wise, well I reckon that some people can get bad acne during this ti
  12. Hi Abi, I replied to your blog after looking at your pics saying that your acne looks alot like my hormonal acne did whilst I was on the mirena coil, then I come onto the board and see your hormonal and BC related thread! LOL! It's soooo heard dealing with hormone imbalance, and after the mirena my hormones were messed up for like a whole year. I was never able to tolerate any kind of birth control pill as they all made me crazy (and broke me out somewhat too, but NOTHING like the mirena did) a
  13. Hi Abi, your skin looks an awful lot like mine did when I was on the mirena coil for 2 months - horrible break outs that just wouldn't quit along my jaw line and chin. They would pop up in a matter of hours it felt like, and they hurt ALOT from the off and were very inflamed. Are you on any kind of birth control that may be causing you hormonal issues?
  14. So this morning my skin if looking and feeling GREAT - strong looking, unclogged, glowing, more even toned - all in all I am a very happy girl! Not sure if it's the addition of the vitamin D, the fish oil or the turmeric masks that I am applying on a daily basis, but to be honest, I think it is a combination of all three - not the most scientific way to go about things, but hey, if it's working, it's working! It is also the middle of my cycle give or take a few days, and my skin is always be
  15. Sounds an awful lots like candidiasis to me and very much like the symptoms I was dealing with before I started on natural antifungals and probiotic therapy. Do you also have brain fog, thrush (oral or otherwise), headaches, general malaise, anxiety....there is a huge list of symptoms, but these were the ones that I experienced. Antibiotics are really implicated in candida - I was on anti-bi's constantly throughout childhood as a result of requent chest infections, and that I believe is where my