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  1. So i made an order when I was getting low....this was about a month ago. Should also add that I am overseas, and while I expected it to take a while, the delivery date is april 15. The only other BP product available to me here is the clearasil persa gel 10. I have never used 10% before, only 2.5 and 5%. i've read mixed reviews about it, like how it can cause bumps or other reactions. I just don't know what to do....right now.
  2. because they regulate it. why do you think danielkern inc. can't ship there?
  3. Can I take Regimen products I ordered in U.S. with me in my checked baggage (not carry-on, obviously)? I'm having a hard time finding regulations on liquids, or is it no different than U.S? And what about the fact that BP is kind of banned by European Union?