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  1. Two month mark has come and gone-I begin my third month of treatment tomorrow! I am feeling great and time has begun to fly by!!! Three minor pimples on my chin-popped out yesterday and they are already going down!!! I am loving this medicine and am thankful every day that it is working so well for me I have no more back pain... I have no more headaches... No more dry eyes... Lips are minor... I hope all of you are doing as well on this drug as I am! Tomorrow I pop pill # 61...I remember
  2. Aleks-I know that most people get a rather extensive IB. However, I have moderate acne and was rather clear when I began my Accutane course. It is now Day 49 for me and I have yet to get an IB. I asked my derm about it and she told me that since I waited for clear skin to begin the course, I may just skip the IB. Heres hoping Good luck with your course
  3. Well-Day 49 has arrived. I am happy to say that I have not written in so long because I have nothing new to report. Here is an update: -Lips are dry but manageable -Back is great -Rash on my arms is contained and under control -Headaches are gone -Eyes are rather dry (especially when I wear my contacts); TheraTears work wonders without the sting!!! Life is good. Here's an image; I had a rather stressful week last week-"Mom in the hospital having brain surgery" stressful. The whole week I o
  4. Hesitation-not quite but it is a LOT better! Turns out that pushing the H2O while on 'tane helps more than just the headaches. I believe it could be making the back pain less horrible too I believe today is Day 37...at this point the days are beginning to run together. Absolutely no new side effects which is a good thing! One of my employees complimented me on my skin today, telling me that face looks so good it looks almost....normal! Not a completely flattering compliment-kinda made me
  5. Day 36 here-really nothing new to report. The rash that developed on my arms is nearly completely gone but my hands stayed pretty dry. Absolutely no new actives...none... I have one old cyst...picked it today... My body feels like I fell down a flight of stairs...with my back being the worst, its making me kinda snarky today Have 5 weeks left in this semester and I couldnt be happier Not feeling great so I'll sign off with a Take care everyone
  6. First off, congrats on starting Accutane...one of the hardest decisions that most of us on here will ever have to make...lol. About the headaches, I have suffered from Migraines for years and have been on medication for them. I had them under control and when I started Accutane, I began with (as I refer to it) 'tane pain! The best advice I can give you for these Accutane induced headaches is too drink water like its going out of style...seriously...push the water. Since I have doubled my wat
  7. Just wanted to add that when my lips became horribly dry and cracked that one night-I used Jojoba oil on them for the next few days...good as new again!
  8. Carmelle-many thanks...I am so completely and utterly in love with this man, the only other love I have in the whole world that even comes close is for my three year old! Day 32 here-I definately have a rash on both arms! I picked up a heavy body cream from Bath and Body Works (Lay it on thick) and I put it only quite heavily after every shower, before I dry off so it absorbs quickly! I am quite itchy and my body has been quite sore and achy these last few days....still totally worth it! A l
  9. Woohoo...the one month mark is finally here...i popped pil 30 this morning. I saw my derm two days ago and she is thrilled with the progress my face has made For the first time in all my years of acne I did not need to have anything injected or frozen...it is a great feeling! My only regret is that I waited so long to give 'tane a try! Now for the other...it would seem that the very same day I saw my derm, my lips worsened to where they cracked and bled overnight I broke out in a rash on b
  10. Day 26-almost one month done...5 more to go!!! Tomorrow I go to see my derm and I am thrilled to hear what she has to say. Everyone around me can tell me that my skin is looking amazing but she is going to be the one to tell me exactly how well the drug is working! If the IB hits within the first month than I missed it completely! Unless it hits when my dosage is upped...seriously hope it doesn't but it will be what it will be! No new side effects: back ache comes and goes, no nosebleed
  11. Ya, the back is really annoying-but at least it comes and goes right? Day 24 here, set up my next blood test for Monday and I see my derm on Tuesday...I am super excited to see what she has to say!!! It feels like a lifetime has gone by since I began the 'tane and it's only been a month. I figure the month is the longest wait...they fly by faster as you go...right??? Everything else is going great! Had one small crack in my upper lip but I zapped it by killing it with Burts Bees! Went awa
  12. Day 22 here...am counting the days until I hit the first month (1 month down and 5 to go)! I am excited to see my derm and she what she has to say about my face...progress vs. no-progress. I am also gonna see if she can bump me to 60 mgs. Only new thing that I have to report is that I have some irritating pain in my lower back...not painful just...lingering and uncomfortable. Nothing that I cant handle but am hoping that it goes away soon and doesnt decide to hang around through the durati
  13. Hello Headtrip- You seem to know alot about the 'tane...and I have a question. I am currently on 40mgs of Amnesteem, Im 5'9 and weigh 137 lbs. I am getting dry skin and lips but not much else. I believe that if you do not hit a "cumulative total" of Accutane, there is a great chance that your acne will return. Is this the case? If so, should I talk to my derm about upping me to 60mgs (or 40mgs, twice a day)? I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on this! Many thanks in advance and h
  14. Thanks you guys-I have read on others logs that they experience flushing and really red skin. Mine comes and goes so I hope it stays...gone! Day 21 here today! Feeling great! The cramps in my neck have ceased so it is already a better day than yesterday! It is still very surreal for me to go to bed and wake up...with dry skin. My face pre'tane was like a cesspool of grease and shiny as all getup! Now...I actually have dry flakes on my chin and nose...and I couldnt be happier I apply pow
  15. Day 20 here...made it through my 2nd blister pack (WOOT). Feels like a small accomplishment Nothing new to report today except...I am "breaking out" all over my face. This is quoted because, while I am getting new pimples, they are not turning into cysts but are rather there fore 24 hours and then dry right up!!! It's a great thing, I think. I believe this is what the 'tane is supposed to be doing! Right??? LOL Cramp in my shoulder yesterday (felt like a repeated charlie horse)='tane pa