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  1. Hello All! This is me, starting the regimen again after over 2 years of being cleared. (lazy & acne came back) Regimen based on Paula's Choice's & Dan's Order. Essential Routine: Morning 1. Cleanser - Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash - Dan Recommended 2. Toner - Proactive Toner 3. Exfoliant - Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid - Dermatologist Recommended 4. Moisturizer Olay Complete SPF 15 Sensitive Skin Vitamin E & Aloe - Dan Recommended Advanced Routine: Evening 1. Cleanser - Purpose
  2. Cetaphil is your best bet, though it may make your face pretty damp and oily. Would be best using it as a night time moisturizer. Other than that, for daytime i recommend something Oil-Free to prevent shine.
  3. 1. Clean it with water, pat dry. 2. Wait 2 minutes. 3. Apply a small dab of Neosporin or Aquafore. -Should help with the scarring since the two are used for post mole removal scar preventions.
  4. I also use an Electric Shaver by Norelco Two blades is a good alternative too though.
  5. Congratulations. i agree with you, this regimen does work. For whoever is still not acne free, you are doing the regimen wrong. Dan's Benzoyl Peroxide is awesome indeed. Great Price for BP, though the shipping is a little much.
  6. Go purchase a Dessert Essence Bottle, it should do the job. what exactly are you currently using?
  7. You can't really say toothpaste helps "curing" the acne, since there are no cures for acne. Though i have to admit, it does help.
  8. It's likely, but doesn't happen very often. don't put anything on it other than maybe some AHA or jojoba to calm it down.
  9. damn bro, you killed it lol. You should never touch them. you probably know but got annoyed to the extent you had to so call "murder" them. Neosporin should help, but dab a small amount on the spots. It is definitely not going to heal by monday, but you can go get them covered by makeup. Your skin seems like a light/medium. If you do plan on covering them, go buy Almay Smart Shade Concealer. Good luck.
  10. Dan's AHA seems to help it down half of the time, the other half it becomes an even larger white head. Try cooling it down with some ice, firmly put it on the pimple for a few seconds. Put a light dab of BP and then some AHA over it.
  11. Like what C'est said, Anything more than 2 would be doing more harm than good. We try our best to not let irritation occur so we limit the regimen to twice per day.
  12. Try not to touch your face despite the need to scratch. 1/2 pumps is great to start at, some people try going for 1 pump, others 2, which of course we all know is a fail unless they had previously used BP before. Be sure to make a regimen log and update us.
  13. BHA - Beta Hydroxy Acid, which contains a 2% active Salicylic Acid. It's not as good as BP, but does the job to stop blemishes. I only use this on my nose area to stop blackheads so one bottle last's me about half a year. You should do some research and check it out. If you do plan to get it, the best BHA i know is 1%-2% BHA from Paula's Choice. Comes in both Gel and Liquid. The Gel is not like Dan's BP Gel at all, this one won't absorb if you use too much.
  14. Sure you can, don't be moisturizing 3 times in one hour though. It should be separate by a few hours.
  15. Sorry to hear that danaf. how much BP did you start off with? i wouldn't recommend trying over if your results was this bad. Maybe find other options such as BHA.
  16. What Brandy says is correct, but if you really want a recommended hand wash. I use Soft Soap. It kills 99% of bacteria, and makes your hands feel soft right after.
  17. Bacteria trapped underneath the skin. White blood cells slowly reach the skin's layer to fight the bacteria, since it's deep down in the pore, it turns into a dump instead of a white head. I wouldn't cleanse with panoxyl. Gentle cleanse it with a simple cleanser, and put some benzoyl peroxide on them. not too much.
  18. Well it could not of worked because it's 10% and the irritation was too great. Also with all the dead skin blocking your pores and all. i wouldn't say you'd need to buy the regimen, it only consist of three simple products. Just go out a buy Neutrogena on the spot and see if it's less drying than your 10%. Also, don't forget the regimen depends on how much BP is used.
  19. Your face will continue to stay dry until past the 4th week of the regimen due to increases of BP. The Deep cleanser seems a little to strong for most people, i suggest you go with something more gentle. Toning is also not necessary in the regimen, and shouldn't be used. Dan want's people to have 3 simple steps, gentle cleanser, 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide, and a good moisturizer. Make sure your products are non comedogenic. People tend to experience breakouts with toners, so there's something to t
  20. You should of posted this on the Regimen Log's Section. It's fine though, im sure a mod will move it.
  21. Change your workout time table to before your morning facewash or before your nighttime shower. Bring a clean washed towel with you, pat dry, do not rub it against your skin. The sweat gland does not connect with the pore so sweating shouldn't be the problem. Sweating is actually good for you. Do not leave sweat on your face for more than an hour, bacteria eats on sweat.
  22. Are you using Dan's Moisturizer? If you do not like it due to sting, then give Cetaphil a try. I know i've been recommending this moisturizer for awhile now, but it's that good. When i first started the regimen i had a stinging from moisturizer's like Dan's, Neutrogena Spf's, Clinique, etc. Cetaphil was the most calming. Experiment.
  23. cool it down even more or wait a few days in room temperature to see it thickens up even more.
  24. Nope. it says take one with every mean, three times a day. Equaling 3,000mg~3,600mg.
  25. That sound's like a good plan Andib. Continue with the cleanser x moisturizer until your skin is fully hydrated. Afterward, slowly add in a low amount of benzoyl peroxide. Start with 1/2 pumps and slowly build up, and again, do not worry that some people were able to get to 2 full pumps on their fourth week. This is your skin, adjust to it. I'll be rooting for you. good luck.