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  1. If you are already an adult, and your acne is still as bad as when you were a teenager, I suggest you consider taking accutane. Sure, there are potential side-effects, but if it can clear you up, why not try it? You are worried about people judging you over your skin. But try to see the good side of this. It will give you the opportunity to see who are your true friends. Those who run for the hills screaming when seeing your face, aren't people you would want around you anyway. And those that
  2. Day 32 If you'r wondering why I haven't updated for 2 weeks: I was too down ... But I'm ok now. I went to the doctor a few days ago. He told me my blood was fine, so I can continue taking accutane. But my doctor didn't want to raise my daily dose to 40 mgs, because my skin is very dry on my face and arms. I hope my acne will be gone by the summer! My doctor told me I can't take accutane during the summer ... I'd hate to have to stop, see the acne come back, and have to start all over after t
  3. Hello I have been on accutane for 3 weeks now, and my skin has become very dry, and is peeling everywhere on my skin. I have this moisturizing soap, for extra dry skin, called 'eucerin, douche oil'. Should I use it on my skin, or will this clog my pores and provoque acne? Thanks ahead for answering
  4. I totally know what that's like! There are days I avoid looking at people, because I don't want to see them staring at me. I hated it when people took group photos, because I would always be "the guy with the red face" on the photo. In fact, I don't have any photos of me, I haven't bothered taking any for the past several years. Good luck on your course, just keep hope, and you should be clear soon :)
  5. Day 18 My skin seems to break out the same every day now, 3-5 new pimples. I know I should leave them alone, but I can't help it, when I see them, I have to get rid of them. I take a sterilised needle, and kill the bastards ... Other than that, my skin isn't bad. The redness on my right cheek seems to fade very fast now. In some places It even seems like there were never any marks at all. I have a new side-effect, back pain, somewhere in the middle. Dryness is still pretty bad, most of my f
  6. Your skin looks great! Glad to see accutane worked so fast for you
  7. I've had people ask me the same question in the past. They don't seem to understand that what worked for their tiny pimples, doesn't work on someone with a lot of moderate/severe acne. They assume people with serious acne don't take care of their skin, but the truth is they probably take care of their skin more than people without acne. Just walk away from those people, they aren't worth your time.
  8. That girl doesn't deserve you! you are a much better than she is! I've had something similar happen to me. A girl from school that called me the worst things, all because of the acne. It hurt, really bad. But after about a week, I got over it, and I stared straight into her eyes. She didn't even have the courage to look back! This girl, just like the one in your story, is critisizing others because she is bored/stupid/insecure. Don't listen to her, believe in yourself! Your brother is also a
  9. Good to see things are going ok The name of the brand , is neither of the two you mentioned. In fact, I haven't seen the name anywhere on the board yet ... I think it's one that's not available in america I'm on 20mg (my doctor insisted on starting low). I don't know if he'll increase the dose, seeing as I already have very dry skin ... You should talk to your derm about increasing the dose. But you should ask him if it is ok, because maybe there is a too high risk of side-effects if you i
  10. Good to see accutane has worked for you. I can't see any acne on your right photo
  11. Day 15 It's been a few days since I updated. My skin has been through a lot of change in just a few days ... I've had another breakout, a big one. A lot of pimples coming and going. The good thing is, they die and disappear fast, so I don't have to carry them around for too long (I'm trying to leave my pimples alone as much as possible). But it's horrible to go to school looking like I do ... I'm only going when my skin isn't too bad. The other day, I was hanging out with a friend in the h
  12. Day 10 The days seem to go by faster now, which is pretty cool. I've finished the first tablet of the box, which is also pretty cool, makes me feel like I've reached something. A few days ago I was breaking out like crazy. And I thought it was going to be like this for several weeks. But it seems to have already stopped! Most of the pimples I had have already disappeared or are "dying". This morning I had only 1 new pimple ... Is it possible to have the IB, then a few days with no new pimples
  13. Hey, When I saw the dermatologist, he prescribed accutane, and told me to take one pill per day. But he didn't give me anything else. I've been reading accutane logs, and everyone seems to have facial cleansers, moisturizers, and who knows what else. This kind of stresses me out ... Is it not a good idea to use accutane alone? Or is it ok, but the results are faster by using other products as well? Thanks ahead for clearing this up
  14. Thanks to everyone for the support Day 7 1st week is over! Felt like a month I feel really ugly today. This is definitely the IB! I have giant pimples growing all over my face, even in places where I almost never had any! But hey, I'm taking comfort in knowing that this is my face purging, and that these pimples were going to come sooner or later. Might as well be sooner. But putting the pimples aside, my skin seems to improve. The pimples are grouped in areas, and the rest of my face