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  1. Hello everyone, I've been following the protocol outlined by the original poster for a few weeks now. While I have made a few changes to fit me personally, I'm derma stamping every Friday, and take my supplements daily. Please see the below stamping schedule, topicals, and supplements: 1.) 500mg Threonine 2.) 500mg Lysine 3.) BioCell Collagen Type 2 4.) BioCell Collagen Type 1 and 3 4.) Whey Protein (Green Goodness shake) 5.) Hair, Skin, and Nails Vitamin 6.) Zinc 7.) Fish Oil
  2. May I just say that I think you have beautiful eyes and hair :) Hope you get clear skin soon :D x

  3. Hey wishfullthinkerr, Wow, your doctor is an a-hole! You should totally be eligible for cyst removal. Have you seen a dermatologist about this issue, or just your doctor? I've had two sebaceous cysts removed from my face over the past few years, and my dermatologist did both procedures. Personally, I wouldn't trust anyone but a dermatologist or plastic surgeon when removing a cyst (however, mine were on my face). I still can't believe that your doctors haven't removed it yet, or referred y
  4. Go to a doctor or dermatologist immediately. I have suffered with sebaceous cysts for years, and mine start out like your husband's did. I've always had mine removed when they are small and not infected. However, my mother had one on the side of her face, never did anything about it, then decided to squeeze the "stuff" out of it one day. She called me the next day and the thing blew up the size of a gold ball. She went to the dermatologist I go to, and she had to go on antibiotics for a wee
  5. Hey VaLeRie, I've had two sebaceous cysts removed from my FACE! Luckily, I went in before they got too infected (my mom however, waited and it got really infected - the size of a golf ball). Mine would fill up, become red, swollen and sore, would return to my normal skin color and get very hard. At first, I thought these two bumps were really bad pimples, but I finally went in to a dermatologist; she took one look at them and gave me the news. Personally? I don't want anything on me that c
  6. Because my mom got one, too, I'm guessing she passed that little sebaceous cyst gene down to me. I would have rather had one on the side of my face than two on the front! Dang her! Nope; no root cause was ever determined. My skin is just fussy - the littlest things tend to piss it off. I've also had a number of moles removed as they were precancerous, some of which have grown back and are closely monitored... It seems that all the skin problems that each of my parents had manifested in m
  7. Hello again, Magggpie, I'd take a shot over a lance any day! Hopefully that'll do the trick. My cysts never went away or shrunk into a "dormant" mode... It would either stay the same size and match the surrounding skin color, or would grow bigger and turn red as it expanded. It grew bigger about every 2.5 months - always returning to my natural skin color after its growth, but never shrinking back down or away. I'm guessing the dermatologist believes its acne derived, hence the cortisone
  8. Hey Magggpie, I did not have stitches in either site; I was lucky. My dermatologist removed mine; not to say that a cosmetic/plastic surgeon couldn't remove yours. We don't really have any access to cosmetic/plastic surgeons where I live (I have to drive almost two hours to see my dermatologist); if I could have gotten even better results than what I currently have with a cosmetic/plastic surgeon - I might have had them do the procedure instead. I also made sure to follow my recovery instruc
  9. Hey ladies, Well, I've done fairly well on this "kicking the BC" plan. I did get three pimples on my chin (one of which was bigger), but I don't mind acne on my chin too much. They usually heal fast and don't leave any scarring. I started taking Dong Quai (liquid form - really gross) and I'm going to purchase some vitex chasteberry. Last time I was at the health foods store, they were out. Hopefully they'll have some when I stop by tomorrow. My body is so messed up - I'm not having any pe
  10. Hey Magggpie, I've had a couple of cysts removed from my face, but they weren't caused from acne; I had sebaceous cysts. I had these removed off my left cheek a few years ago now. I have a little bit of indented scarring from where these cysts were removed, but I waited a long time (too long) before having them removed. I thought they were pimples deep under the skin, and just left them alone, all the while they got bigger and bigger - harder, too. I've never had anyone notice the two areas
  11. If you want the CURE for acne which this website refuses to show, email [email protected]

    The reason why it cannot be shown on this site is because they KEEP removing IT !! :@ Acne is caused by the lymphatic system, liver impairment, parasites, poor blood, damaged intestinal flora and drugs/alcohols, etc. Spread the word!

  12. Hey lindsayb1, I was put on birth control when I was 14 years old due to horrendous periods, rupturing ovarian cysts and many other dramatic and life-altering affects directly associated with my monthly cycle. I've tried the pill, the patch, and had the most success with Nuvaring. I'm 24 now, and have never been sexually active. I had my tonsils taken out back in August 2010, had to take antibiotics, and that severely screwed up my, uh, "downstairs." Heavy discharge (my crotch felt velcroed
  13. Hey everyone, I'm 24 years old, and I've taught college English, ESL, served as the Activities Director for the University I was attending, and spoke at numerous research conferences my last year in college. I don't think my acne ever held me back or marked me with any stigma. As someone else here wisely posted, you can either be the victim or the role model. If you choose to be the role model, you instantly get, well, some sort of "swagger" in whatever you do. I currently now work in resea
  14. Hey everyone, No - I've been using CPs for a while now, and never had a reaction. I've been using emu oil even longer and I've never had a reaction from it, either. The rash only occurred where I layered the two products together. I guess my skin just can't handle it? Hydrocortisone is a steroid based cream, which can weaken/thin the skin, cause discoloration, along with other harmful side effects to facial skin. I wouldn't suggest using it on the face unless absolutely necessary. My step
  15. Hello all, This post is more-or-less just a warning, and perhaps a potential "reach out" for anyone who has had a similar allergic reaction to copper peptides and emu oil. Here's the story: I've been using emu oil for about a year, and love it. Never had a bad reaction, breakout or any other type of negative reaction. I've been using copper peptides for a few months now. It doesn't bother my face at all, and seems to be helping the few shallow scars that I have on my left cheek. I have re