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  1. so every morning after i wash my face with foaming cleanser my face gets really flaky. its only flaky where i have pimples. so i sit there and i try picking as much flakes that i can. what can i do to stop this flaking? i tried applying olay complete defense daily uv moisturizer for sensitive skin and i just find that it makes my skin more oily and make my pimples redder.
  2. can i substitute anything for ketchup?? Because i like a little flavor on my chicken and stuff. i already put black pepper and garlic powder.. its just a little to "dry"
  3. so i want to start exfoliating my face once a week and I want to know what you guys recommend?? thanks. and exactly what does exfoliating do?
  4. i had the vans gluten free waffles with scrambled eggs today and was delicious...
  5. where can i get blotting sheets and what are they called.. i too used tazorac and it does seem like my skin is extra oily. i stop using it months ago and i still see it..
  6. so i have cut dairy out completely, it seem like its working but its too early to tell.. now i have a couple Q's? what can i substitute for milk? is it okay to eat like non-fat yogurts? and what about oatmeal. i used to have it everyday even sometimes more then once.. (but it wasnt the real deal just instant oatmeal like cinnamon and apples) i just dont know what to have for breakfast.. i have been having hard boiled egg whites but that doesnt really fill me up. i bought whole grain bread. i hav
  7. wow i taught i was the only one to wash with the lights dim.. lol and i try to avoid mirrors when you just sit in your room and you dont want to leave it when u sleep you think about your acne
  8. I am down to have someone to talk to you. i go through the same thing day in and day out. I dont know what to do. pm me if you want
  9. so just had my first green smoothie ever. and it was GREAT it tasted really good... at first it looked really nasty and i was expecting the worse taste ever. i tasted it and ended up jugging the whole thing... i made it with a hand full of spinach and apples and a little pineapple with water. is to good to have more then one smoothie a day>? it also made me feel full. which i like alot
  10. I feel the same exact way. When I was in high school my last 2 years my skin got bad. My senior year was the worst I skipped school everyday. I seriously was out at least 2 months throughought the whole year.. I wasn't goin to pass and I lost hope.. I wanted to drop out but I didn't I worked my butt off the lastg month of school and managed to barely pass... my skin was so bad and I felt so bad that I grew out my hair so I wouldn't have to go get haircuts and I used to try covering my face with
  11. yea i went into the office for visits. i hated the stupid facials it hurt like hell and would leave my face looking SO bad. then i would have scabs all over my face which i think is worse then just pimples. everybody would ask if i was picking my face.. so i shouldn't apply the oil absorber every couple hours. i just apply it as a spot treament for oil. i just use it around my nose and chin. im scared that if i let my face get oily i would breakout in that area.
  12. i want to try this but i absolutely hate veggies... i will force myself to try it and see how it works for me
  13. wow i taught i was the only one that did this and it didnt work.. i actually payed more then 1000 dollars for this and at first it worked but then it seemed like it wasnt doing anything at all.. so i stopped now only thing i use from him is the oil absorbing blend which i apply like every 2 hours to soak up my excess oil on my face... and about him answering email. well he didn't it would take him a couple of days and he would just repeat everything over and over again. so i gave up on it... so
  14. i think it all depends on the person last week me and my girlfriend had sex like 3 times in 2 days and i noticed that after a day or two i broke out.. now im not saying it could be because of that but i will factor that in, and give this a shot and see how it works for me.. (i masturbate on a regular basis)
  15. your acne decides whether or not YOU are going out or not... when you talk to people and you cant look them in the eyes because you are embaressed