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  1. Hi, I have mild-moderate acne and have recently begun facial exercise. I just posted about argan oil, but I also wanted to add how amazing facial exercise is for the face. It has really helped with the scarring, texture and tone of my face. I am guessing that it has helped because of the increased circulation to the skin. I also eat well and do yoga, so that helps I'm sure. But even when my acne was at its worst yoga and diet didn't help. It all came down to stress, depression, anxiety.
  2. Hi, I just joined. Just wanted to say that the argan oil is amazing if you have mild acne. I had moderate to severe acne last year and the argan oil made my skin worse. But now that my skin can tolerate it, I must say that this stuff is amazing! My scars are much better (red, flat marks) and the texture and tone of my skin has improved a lot. I've only been using it one week in combination with facial exercise. I'll let you know how it goes in the coming weeks.