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  1. I can only seem to find this included in Primrose Oil here in the UK, is it possible my doctor could prescribe it to me? It states that 280mg is present in Primrose Oil, which is under the amount you suggested.
  2. Hi thanks for the quick reply! Do you mean to take gamma linolenic acid orally? Is this something that has to be prescribed by my doctor? I am in the UK by the way. I apply lip balm a number of times throughout the day but whenever it ends up rubbing off my lips just shrivle up! Thanks again
  3. Hi I finished Roaccutane over 12 months ago now however I have been left with dry lips ever since. It is no way as bad as when I was actually on Roaccutane as I had to apply lip balm every hour however I am finding my lips dry up several times throughout the day to the point it becomes painful and irritating. Is there anything my doctor can prescribe to help with this? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, I have suffered from what I think is Rosacea since I was a child however after briefly reading through the introductory pinned thread on this forum I am not what subtype of Rosacea I suffer from. I will try and describe my symptoms and triggering factors - I find I have a permanent faint redness to both of my cheeks and nowhere else. However the triggering factors change this slight redness to a bright red burning sensation. The main triggering factors are very hot and very cold weather con
  5. Hi Blood_red_kimono, no need to apologise for anything, I know you probably don't want or need it but I do feel really sorry for you as I can relate to how you are feeling. Admittedly I am no longer at the point where I don't want to leave the house but I do still have days where my mind set over my acne stops me from doing this. I wish there was a support group for people that suffer from acne to talk together in person. Its just not the same over the Internet. I am tempted to go and see my GP
  6. Hi thanks for the replys so far! I didn't think about the self help book option but it might be worth a go. I would like to talk to a counsellor about it really but I doubt my GP will be that understanding and will probably just tell me to stop being silly or take some anxiety tablets, which I definately don't want to do. I think I suffer from body dysmorphia but on the other hand I do find that I always want to be checking my appearance in mirrors that I feel comfortable with. Also I too f
  7. Hi I am really at a loose end over what I can do to break my psychological obsession and endless worrying over my skin. I used to suffer from mild to moderate acne from early teens and when I was 22 I decided to take Roaccutane to try and rid the spots. I am now 23 and I have finished Roaccutane, which has left me with relatively clear skin however I now find myself obsessing over every blemish or spot on my skin and feel sick with worry everytime I notice that there might be a spot coming throu
  8. Thanks for the reply Beauty Bot. What are the stats for patients being clear after a second course of the medication? If I were to go on a second course I would push for a max of 40mg a day to restrict the side effects hopefully. Also I know this might sound like a ridiculous question but how much acne would warrant another course of Roaccutane? I usually have 3 - 5 active spots at one given time and as they clear up another bunch appear around my face. What worries me is the scarring and the
  9. Hi thanks for the speedy reply! My first course was the highest it could have been I think - the majority of the time I was at 60mg a day on a 7 month course, I think the first month or 6 weeks were lower than this to build me up to a higher dosage. I weight 74KG so I suppose I could go up by 10mg a day to 70mg? I am extremely worried because the first time I got a LOT of side effects - aching joints and muscles, pressure on back of head/headaches, dorwsyness/tierdness and near the of the end
  10. Hi I finished my first Roaccutane course approximately 6 months ago and unfortunately my acne has returned, its not as bad but it is still bothering me and some of it is cystic. When I finished my derm told me that most people usually need 2 courses, which she failed to tell me before starting the medication! However she did also go on to say that I would need to try a number of different medications before being referred again however like a number of people on here I am reluctant to try all
  11. Hi I was on Raoccutane for 6 months on quite a high dosage however my acne has returned after 3 months of not taking the drug. It doesn't seem as severe but its still getting me down, its now back to the old cycle of getting rid of spots then a new batch form and I am stuck in this continuous circle of frustration with it all.
  12. Hi I was on quite a high dose of Roaccutane for 7 months and I experienced hair thinning, dramatically. I too have naturally very thick hair but once I stopped using the drug it all went back to normal.
  13. Hi thanks for the reply. I have just realised that all of Boots Soltan range is 'non-pore blocking' which I guess makes it non-comedogenic?
  14. Thanks for the reply. I am still struggling to find what I am looking for. I am in the UK - does anyone have any specific products that are readily available in the UK? Thanks again