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  1. WoW...Its been a long time. July 15, 2010. Damn. Didnt think I'd remember my password..LOL...took forever to find my blog. This site has changed alot. Well...Anyways...Just figured I'd drop in and say I havent broken out since my last post. My fn life is awesome now....actually have a life again. Able to go out n do things. Accutane really worked 100% and I have 0 side effects. Just wanted to share that. Thats pretty much all I Got.
  2. Guess who's Biz-ack!

  3. Fuck yea!!! Got rid of that little rash thing on my chin. Took about 3 days. 1st day I used emu oil then the next two days I used this lotion for eczema because I self diagnosed myself with eczema and it went away. So right now I couldnt be happier with my skin. No blemishes at all, its baby soft, I got a haircut, I mean i feel normal. Awesome. Almost finished with my course, however, Im gonna ask my derm if I can do a lower dosage for a bit. Im afradi Im going to break out again and really dont
  4. I do that too!!! Works for me
  5. Tired. All the time kind of. Not so much tired but just not realy motivated. It's summer out and its hot and the sun is out but I cant go out really cuz my skin is so damn sensitive. Honestly, if I go out in the sun right now it would only take like 10 min and I will be burnt. NO BS. I've done it. Not burnt, burnt to where it hurts but I will get some color ya know. So I need sun block. I use this srpay on stuff with SPF 50 and it works really well. Skin wise....havent broken out in like 2 1/2 m
  6. I am the Liazard King. I can do anything. -Jim Morrison Cetaphil 24 hr advanced mosturizer works well for me
  7. Not Emu. I use Jojoba oil mixed in with my shampoo for my hair, though
  8. have to agree with lil weezy on that
  9. Thats awesome. Glad its working for you. This is exactly the reason why I started this thread. Good LUck.
  10. Dr. Gill. Northwest Dermotology. Love her. Check out my thread "Acne Killer"