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  1. i popped a premature cystic acne last night. it was growing above my upper lip, on the skin between the lip and the nose in the center where the 'groove' is. i got carried away and popped it harder than i should. there was a sharp pain and the are immediately began to swell. 10 minutes later the middle part of my upper lip was swollen and felt numb. woke up this morning and the swelling had even increased with prevailing numbness. now, 10 hours later, the swelling has gone down slightly along wi
  2. omg i just had to laugh out a crazy shiver. i'm sorry, this is too crazy! but besides my useless chiming, i'd think that the urine already contains enough contaminants from you body to be not worth going back on your body twice? isn't it also full of ammonia?
  3. i dunno about current acnes but my scars sure seem to respond well to sauna treatment and especially the 'heat room' or whatever it is called in the states really does seem to make a difference in the healing rate that's noticeable the very next morning. 'sweat room' i refer is different from 'steam room' that's located within the bathing area where you're meant to go there during bathes. i'm talking about post bath heat treatments in steamy rooms thats suppose balance your skins ph with some my
  4. hey guys sorry i've been making a lot of trivial topics lately but the search function on this site is in a such way that i can't really look for the most popular thread on a topic without scrolling through them chronologically. so forgive me for my noob-ness. anyways, i've been applying honey on my face at least 10 hours every nite. right after dinner to when i wake up. and some during daytime yesterday... and day before. so i guess honey has been covering my face longer than it has not for the
  5. im 25. i haven't had a breakout in 2 years. this happened 2 weeks ago. i squeezed so hard i was walking around with a tiny red bruise on the cheek for 3 days or so. when that went down.. everything collapsed.
  6. so i was popping at a blackhead next to my mouth one day. i squeezed it pretty hard multiple times. the next couple days that area of the face just burned mildly. it was painful and i still have a bothersome 'rubbed off' sensation on that spot. but the worst thing is that, that part, the inner cheek on the outer side of where i tried to pop that blackhead, became CAVED IN!! it looks like a huge and very shallow rolling scar and on the right lighting its visible that it's a crease that goes down
  7. which one would you say is better for fading fresh scars/wounds? i have some hyperpigmentation and scratch wound on my cheek and the scratch wound especially seems like is turning into a crease. help! xI
  8. i slept in with honey+lemon juice on my face last night and this morning i notice that my skin is suppler with better tone and the red pigmentation on my acne scars have gone down dramatically. however, i have one rolling-scar-ish crease/depression next to the acne scar from where i squeezed too hard with my fingers i presume and that crease has actually become more pronounced. i'm pretty sure it's the lemon juice alone that caused that instead of honey because i had on honey all day at home yes
  9. sorry i don't have a digicam right now. i have some rolling scars on one cheek about an year and a half old. and two hyper-pigmentations on the inner cheek from just earlier this month. i've just gone and applied egg whites mixed with garlic and dead sea salt. my skin feels like its been dabbed with superglue right now.
  10. well thats how i got these scars in the first place because i wanted to pop them. so um, no. i'm gonna go against your suggestion. if i may be specific, one thing that i'd like answered before tonight is which treatment i should leave on for overnight- egg whites or olive oil? and what can i mix in either one of these?
  11. hello i'm a new comer here with some old acne scars and this site has been a real eye opener for me so far. so just now i went out and bought all the ingredients listed on the question in my topic. i'd like to utilize all the smart home remedies and as much of them at once as possible. how should i go about applying these and in which sequence? thanks for your input guys. hopefully at the end of this treatment i can repay you with a flawless smile
  12. i could live with that as long as the normal pigmentation returns. there is no bump of a sort so with the normal coloration it wouldn't be noticeable. will that happen eventually for sure?
  13. how long does it usually take for them to go away and also what would cause them to flare up again? i'm obviously not ever picking at it again.
  14. last month i popped a premature cyst on my cheek which i regret terribly now... the skin went back to flat several days later and has been in normal shape since then except for the reddish brown pigmentation and a painless lump under the skin that i can feel around with my finger. the lump is painless and sorta seems to be getting smaller. the pigmentation is definitely getting less noticeable but at a pace that seems like it could take a whole year. i thought pigmentation scars were suppose to