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  1. fractional laser treatment - didn't work for me

    Quick recovery Not very painful Very minor improvement Expensive I had fractional laser treatment at a clinic run by the Harley medical group in London back in 2012. I had TWO courses of four treatments so eight in total - i thought i had seen an improvement after the first course but it was very minor and i think the second course did absolutely nothing. I paid £900 for each course so wasted a lot of money. The treatments were done by a nurse who was about 20! . I recovered completely within 5
  2. I thought i would update in case anyone has found my post . I decided to take my pill ( dianette) pack to pack without the 7 day break and within 3 weeks the cysts stopped . I still get a couple of medium sized spots every month but it's nothing compared to what i did have and they heal very quickly compared to before. I was told by my dermatologist that it may not be a good idea to mess with the pills but she did admit that the side effects from accutane were worse. I now take two packs without
  3. The dermatologist did suggest that I'm tested for pcos but also said the treatment would be dianette which I'm on already . It doesn't seem to be working this time . These cysts are bothering me more than the spots I used to get . Thanks for your reply
  4. Hi I know there are numerous posts about accuntane but I was wondering if anyone had taken it for my specific type of acne and if so did it work ?. Did you get an initial breakout ? . How long did it take to work ? . Were the results permanent ? I have had an acne problem for 18 years ( I'm now 30) but since 22 it's been kept pretty much under control by dianette and vitamins . The last 6 months I've had these horrible cysts come up every couple of weeks, they are really raised and inflamed
  5. Hi I've been reading your posts and I just wanted to add my dianette experience . I've been on and off it for 9 years now . I am nearly 3 months in restarting it after having a baby and I've had an initial breakout this time around which is finally subsiding . My skin was really bad the other times I started taking it so I probably wouldn't have noticed it getting a bit worse in the beginning tbh . I do remember that although after about 4 packs of dianette there was a huge improvement in my s
  6. Hi This product sounds too good to be true but i'm going to try it anyway . I have been searching for something to put on under make up to hide my scars a bit more. I am in the UK and i have been searching online for it and i have found three different 'kinds' of Dr Brandt pores no more on this site ..........which one are you using ??. Sorry to be a pain but i figure if i am gonna spend that much money then i should make sure i get the right thing ) Thank you x
  7. Hi I have just joined this site and i was hoping for some advice ..... I have had acne for 13 years ( i am now 26) and with the help of dianette i have it just about under control- i get the odd break at my time of the month but i can live with that !. I have a lot of red marks all over my face and some pitted scars on my cheeks , not on my forehead or chin though . I use estee lauder maximum cover , neutrogena skin clearing powder and then blusher which covers the red marks perfectly and
  8. pinkchips

    skin much less greasy really cleared skin up regular periods mood swings acne returns once than ever when you stop taking it. I was put on dianette about six years ago . I had been suffering from acne since a teenager and nothing the GP prescribed for me worked that well . I thought by 20 ( when i was prescibed dianette) that roaccutane was the only answer but was very reluctant to take it 'cos i'd heard so many side effect horror stories. I was very surprised to find that after
    reduces size and redness of spots and clears them up in a couple of days makes skin less greasy doesn't seem to prevent spots I was prescribed duac by a dermatologist a couple of years ago and it works well at reducing the size and redness of spots - i notice the difference when i don't use it plus it makes my skin much less greasy .