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  1. So I just bought a bottle of Bio-Oil from the Rite Aid. So here's my situation. I don't really have acne, but I have a few post pimple red marks on the side of my face, and my skin is somewhat red on my cheek too. I'm not sure what the redness is from, because there aren't any post pimple marks, but it kind of looks like a rash. I was hoping it would even out my complexion and take out the redness. So how should I use the bio oil. Should i make sure all parts of my face get the bio oil equ
  2. okay. im actually taking a daily vitamin that gives me 100% of my daily zinc value. I think it said B6 and B9 but none of B5. I'll have to go out and get a vitamin b5 supplement. Anything else anyone would recommend? I heard fish oil is good, should i get that?
  3. Hi there, I'm a 26 year old male with actually pretty good skin. Every now and then I get a pimple, but over time they go away. My skin can get kind of red at times which does annoy me. However, I'm reading more and more into the natural way to treat skin. I'm leaning towards treating my skin with vitamins, rather than buying over-the-counter products like neutrogena. If I were to go to the vitamin store today (vitamin world), what would you recommend buying. I've read a lot of people sa
  4. I went to the store today to look for a good product to cover up red marks. I found absolutely nothing. Everything I found had to do with treating actual acne. You think there would be a product out to fade old marks away. And I am very thankful for my skin, but at the same time, everyone should be thankful for what they have. Even those who are suffering from acne should be grateful for what you have. If anyone comes across a product that is good at removing red marks from pimples, ple
  5. Hi there, this is actually my first post on here. I'm a 26 year old male with really not a lot of problems with acne. I used to have great skin, but lately it has been okay. I've never gotten a single pimple or zit until this past year, but once every month or two i'll get a pimple somewhere on my face. Usually the pimples fade, but recently I got one on the side of my face and the redness won't go away. The red mark is the size of a small pimple, and its completely flat. The skin where the