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  1. xmkx

    - deep cleans - gently exfoliates - doesn't over dry my skin - smells a little funky Every time I try to switch to another cleanser I come back to this. It cleanses and exfoliates my skin very well and does the best job at keeping me free of blackheads.
  2. Yes, you do need to moisturize over BP. In my experience it is almost impossible to rub the BP off even if you leave it wet on your face when you apply the moisturizer. It just mixes in with the moisturizer and it should be added that before the moisturizer even hits your skin your skin has soaked up some amount of the BP. I use a BP medicated face wash and it still dyes my towels even though I rinse it clean. Moisturizer will also help a ton with healing up your acne as the drying effect of the
  3. I agree on the "less is more" thing. I don't wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, either. My makeup routine consists of concealer under my eyes and any other problem areas, foundation, and blush. Sometimes I add mascara and lip gloss in to the mix, and if I'm wanting to dress up, I'll put on lipstick. I'm not a very big eye makeup fan; eyeliner tends to make my eyes look smaller and while I like mascara I can't wear it daily because it tends to smudge (and non-smudge makes my lashes thinner wi
  4. I would give a salicylic acid body wash a shot if you haven't already. Salicylic acid helps to prevent pimples and it does a better job at unclogging pores than BP does (which is why it's used in blackhead treatment/prevention so much).
  5. Have you tried Dove for sensitive skin by any chance?
  6. I agree about mineral makeup. It is ten times better than regular makeup for allowing my skin to breath. I noticed a huge difference in my breakouts when I switched from liquid foundation to mineral powder foundation. It should be noted though that the sunscreens used in mineral makeup can possibly clog your pores (although I think a little titanium dioxide slightly clogging your pores is a lot better than a bunch of the other ingredients commonly found in regular makeup completely clogging them
  7. First of all, the severe system is probably aggravating your skin more than anything else. It combines a daily dose of Retinol with a 10% BP treatment. That's pretty harsh! The cleanser and toner have probably a quarter of the skin healthy ingredients that the regular system's cleanser and toner have, so that doesn't help any either. I would recommend switching to the regular system if you're wanting to give an acne system a go. As I mentioned earlier, the cleanser is 2.5% BP. The treatment is
  8. You might want to try switching moisturizers and adding on the usage of a toner if you haven't already. I noticed that the Cetaphil moisturizing lotion has a lot of alcohol in it which can dry out and aggravate your skin in to over producing oil to compensate. A toner helps restore your skin regain its balance before applying BP and also helps with controlling oil.
  9. This is why I absolutely love mineral makeup. It lets my skin breath like nothing else I've ever used and does a good job at covering up blemishes and under eye circles.
  10. I use Aloe Vera gel as a moisturizer and love it. It gets that perfect balance going, really absorbs in to my skin, is very affordable, and has absolutely nothing in it that can cause more trouble for my pores (oil, wax, alcohol, etc.). Just make sure that you check out the label before you buy - there are a lot of gels out there that have ingredients that aren't so great for your skin (lidocaine and alcohol are probably the most common).
  11. xmkx

    It helps relax my facial muscles and refresh my face, it is the best overnight zit cream I have ever found, it helps with blackheads and does a good job cleaning up pores, it's really cheap, makes heavy usage of volcanic ash based clay, sulfur, and zinc oxide (which means its good for helping to balance the oil production in your skin, drying out zits, soaking up excess oil, and drawing dirt up out of your pores). - Why is it called "mint"? There's no mint in this product. - Takes some "exp
  12. xmkx

    cleanser is rich and creamy; you can feel it penetrating your pores toner is soothing and helps balance your skin and nourish it lotion completely stops excess facial oil and balances skin for 24 hours system uses benzoyl peroxide in cleaner and lotion cleanser has mild exfoliating properties system does not effectively battle blackheads - they dry up but still require manual removal moisturizer needs to be used with system to prevent skin irritation, dryness, and peelin