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  1. Opening up this thread again as I want to try it! Have looked everyehre for this product but cannot find. Any ideas? Im in the UAE. Currenty im on Psyllium seed husks but thing the PGX would be a better solution!
  2. As your skin is so senstive i would recommend twice daily: 1 - Wash with luke warm water (No products) 2- Spot treat with lavender essential oil. Use a moist cotton ball. 3- Maybe use a non-cosmogenic moisturiser if your skin is dry. Sometimes LESS is MORE for sensitive skin!
  3. If its an overnight job a dab of table salt (sodium) will ooze the stuff out overnight and will stop the area from being infected. And ur left with a nice clean area in the morn!
  4. Hi, I dont get cysts often but thought i would add my two-cents! Once I had cyst on my cheek below my eye! Basically it was sore as hell and picked it! My mum is a former nurse and applied heated 'poultice' to the area! You place it between the cotton that would place on a wound or under a plaster (dont know the proper name) and heat in microwave! It draws out ALL the puss! Especially efective for cysts that are picked and inflamed! Its an old school remedy but was used in hospitals etc so it
  5. Not a direct answer to your question but noticed you are using Panoxyl BP with the regimen. I used to use this but found you could see the white cream on your face during the day so was less likely to put it on at day time. I was oblivious that the a BP gel and cream was different in the fact the gel absorbs better and cant be seen! Maybe Panoxyl have a cream also..I dont know...just letting you know as when I was using Panoxyl it was in a cream form which was far from ideal for the day time!!