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  1. Its been a long time since i been on here but would like to say hello to everyone. Being a person with many rolling scars and many red scars i have done 2 rounds of subcision, 1 fraxel(not the one with the longg down time) one round of dermaroller done by the doctor and no results. So i did research and found silicone micro droplet. It is suppose to be permanent unlike reystllene or other fillers. So i had 3 rounds of this all about 2 months apart. $750 each time. Well, to say the least im am n
  2. ive been using super cp serum for about a year now. Its not cheap but, believe it or not its the only thing that doesnt make me break out. I have severe scarring and NO it has not helped the scarring go away. i just use it because they "say" it rebuilds collegen. they say you have to moisturize alot but most of them seem to make me break out. If you broke out from this stuff its probaly because its new to your face. give it some time. My skin feels great after putting this stuff on. believe me i
  3. sorry buddy. I havent been on here in a while. ITs not to greasy. Thers no spf in it. but on the label it says you should put some on after. I dont because i want this stuff to sit on their and do its work. I dont want spf messing with it. plus sunblock or moistures make me break out.
  4. i bought this stuff a week ago. The women at macys stopped me and suggeted i use. Full money back guarantee, what do you have to lose. It hasnt made me break out yet(that was my biggest fear) but dont expect any miracles with this stuff.
  5. Did u ask your dermatoligist your question?
  6. I just looked in your photo album, and your scars are very simalar to mine only mine are red in the scar. I asked the dermatoligsist why but he didint know. Im suprised you didnt see more than 10% results from 2 co2. Your scarring isnt half as bas as some people i have seen.
  7. I have a high potency C Scape Serum my old dermatoligist gave me which i will probally use after the rolling. Yeah im really confused becasue i have done 2 rounds of subcision, 1 fraxel and 1 roller and dont see any results, thats amazing right. They out to give you a free round or something. I dont no what to do. And all these BS things on here they talk about "home remedies" dont work.
  8. Hey thanks man. Lol i just replied to your message like a min ago. Small world huh? or forum? lol
  9. Hey man i dont know if this helps but i had fraxel laser done, and 2 minutes after the procedure the doctor used the dermaroller. By the way the fraxel sucked and i didnt see any results. She now recomends the co2. Do u recomened it of is it a waste of money. It cost more than the fraxel, but i dont care. i wont do another fraxel again. Heard a lot of bad reviews as well. I as well bought a dr roller 1.5 on amazon, and have not used it because im not getting much help on here on what to use befo
  10. I guess i shouldnt press to hard if im not gonna put any numbing cream before?have you used anything after the procedure? Like vitamin c to sink into the holes?
  11. I understand how to actually do the procedure but the instructions dont tell you what to apply before the procedure, they just say anetheia cream (or how ever its spelled) and they dont really tell you what to put on after when your done. I have a high potency c scape serum i suppose i could use after but what about before the procedure to numb my face? any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. I just recieved my Dr roller dermaroller 1.5 in the mail today. I know there is a huge post on the top of this forum on rollers but to be honest i read it for about a half hour and got nothing out of it. I dont know why it just didnt really seem to answer any questions, kinda all over the place. The instructions are kinda vauge that came with the roller. I had it done by a doctor once and when he was done it looked like he put some kind of c scape serum on there cause it was orange and it looke
  13. I was at macys the other day and a women that works there mentioned to me that there is a new clinique spot trreatment they sell. I went on google and read good reviews. Some said it made them break out and they stopped using it. Most said it helped their dark scars. The product does say on it it is for acne scars. It takes for weeks to see results. It cost 50 dollars and it comes in a very tiny tube. Has anyone tried this for a long time. Im guessing its another gimic like the zenmed crap i bou
  14. Acnehater7, when you go in the tanning bed what do you put on your face? I have a 8 spf in a brown bottle that says its for tanning, not really a sunscreen i guess. I just hear soooo many people on hear including my derm say stay out of the sun by all means.