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  1. krystin

    other options

    I am going to try benzoyl peroxide every other day and see if the itchyness goes away. till the end of march. If that doesn't work: plan 1 I found an article about topicals. I might use Salicylic acid with differin(I spent $80 on it so why not use it) if the benzoyl keeps being a pain. plan 2: only a face wash and moisturizer
  2. krystin

    going shopping

    I'm going to buy soft, white towels, all my colored ones are getting bleached. Oh yeah and the reccomended lotion.
  3. krystin


    after my face returned to normal I started using a very thin layer of bp once a day just on my worst broken out areas. I am still doing this. I have some itchyness, depending on how much I put on. To help the itchyness I use alot of moisturizer and put a warm wash cloth on my face. The bp is working. I have not been consistent with the regimen. My goal is to be consistent. Its hard to use bp because I hate the itchyness. I wish there was an alternative. I am going to be consistent and just u
  4. I started using the bp by just spotting some of the big pimples I had. I did this for a week. One night I couldn't stand the acne so I put a whole lot of bp. That was a very bad idea because I felt like I had fried my face in the sun. It was so red and itchy! I let my face return to normal(2 days). I applied a lot of moisturizer, 4x each day. This helped with the ichyness.
  5. I didn't want to buy the acne.org products. I wanted to make sure my skin could handle benzoyl peroxide. My skin was very sensitive to proactive. I think I started it too fast. So I bought the small tube of the nutrogena bp spot-treatment. I also bought the clean and clear wash for sensitive skin that dan reccomended. I am using the beauty control moisturizer. I bought these in January.
  6. krystin

    finding acne.org

    In january I was searching the web, desperate to find something that was guarenteed to work. I was sick of all the failed attempts. I found acne.org, all the success stories made me want to try it.
  7. acne since age 17 (I'm 21). I've tried meleluca acne treatment, differin(.1% and .3%), beauty control acne treatment, evoclin, minocyclin pills ,pro-active (none of these gave me the results I wanted.)
  8. krystin


    with and without acne
  9. hey your looks just like mine did. Mine is almost gone(I can count the pimples if you know what I mean and right now I only have like 4 tiny ones that dont hurt.) I'm 21. I slack on the regimine a little. I bet if I didn't I wouldn't have any pimples. so try the regimine and watchc all of the videos that dan has made. You need to use the products that he suggest and stick to it. It really does work. don't start the regimine too fast. watch the videos it really helps! especially "the biggest m