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  1. Ok so on monday I came home from a sleepover, and i felt this thing under my skin, likeit wasnt red or anything but My dumb self squeezed itt! nothing came out, it just turned red, then I took a shower.. but i wasnt able to put anything on it that night because I forgot my face creams at the sleepover, but the next day i put acne medication 5, triple antibiotic ointment, and adapelene gel. anyways it turned into a scab, and i squeezed the scab and some pus came out, and the scab felll of now i
  2. Im on it! I still get whiteheads -_- ive been using it for a month and still got peeling.. -_- when will the peeling stop??
  3. Ok so im still using acne medication 5 and adapelene gel .1% and its working great! i only have a few whiteheads, and the only reason ill breakout is around my time of the month ( -_-) or if i eat sweets or dairy which are my fave foods but oh well (: anyways 2 weeks ago i was out int he sun, and i was covering my face, but apparnetly not my cheeks and around my mouth -_- So i put on my gel and it peeled the next day, and i rubbed it off the next day cuz i had to go to a movie.. then i left i
  4. When every night at 11:11, you wish for clear skin. When it's summer and your inside almost everyday. When you cancel almost all plans because of acne When you cry at least once a week When you cant eat your favorite foods because they make you breakout. When you want to attempt suicide because of acne... :/
  5. hey! Im going through that right now But can u tell me how long it took for the scab to fall off, and when ur skin was pink ? did u pick off the scab, or did it fall off on its own? cuz mine never seem to fall off on their own or maybe i dont wait long enough! But im 4 days in and i got and ugly yellow/brown scab (and its no longer inflamedd!!!) but yea just wondering how long til there was pink skin! itd be great if u told mee thanks in advance!!
  6. cutie123

    Help me :(

    k. So I had a pimple between my eyebrows (flesh colored) and it had been there for like 2 weeks! So I just started squeezing it -bad idea.- it went all red! and it got bigger then I went to softball (thank god i have glasses to cover it) and when i came back i squeezed more and tore off some skin it oozed clear stuff for like 2 hours! So i just put on some triple antibiotic ointment and went to sleep. when I woke up it was all yellow! with red inflamed sides.. ik that means infected so i putt
  7. cutie123


    Okay! adapelene and acne medication 5 is actually kinda helping! But only kinda. I have acne scabs, and this treatment is making them heal alot faster.also, if i pop a pimple, its scabed the next day, and ready tto fall of within a day or two (if i dont pick). the only thing im worried about is i have a cluster of small whiteheads on the top left side of my forehead! and i have no idea why! maybe its because thats the side i lay my face on my pillow when sleeping?! Idk. I also have a couple
  8. Okay my acne scabs, have pretty much almost all cleared up. I went to the doctors, and he prescribed me to: acne medication 5 during the day, and adapelene gel .1%.. At first it was GREAT! It dryed up my piimple scabs sooo fast! now.. not sogreat, im gettin side affects dry, flaking skin (HURTS LIKE SH*T.).. and also, small little whiteheads all over my forehead, nd cheeks! you cant really see them.. but when i wash my face its so horrible, i jsut want them out! I dont know which is caus
  9. Yes! I want to! The problem is that I'm only 13, so I don't know if I'm too young, or if my acne is severe enough
  10. Ugh. I hate it! Last year, my face was CLEAR! I don't know what the he'll happened. I cry all the time. I'm always worried someone will make fun of me. I recently broke out reaaallly bad. I've stayed home about 20 days from school this year all becu of my acne! I've had to quit pop candy chips unless I want a facefull of acne! I've cancelled many sleepovers because of it too! I just want a flawless face like everyone at my school! I'm so happy it's almost summer. I plan on staying home and tryin
  11. Okay so a few weeks ago, I got proactiv froma friend. I used it, then it got low so i just stopped using it. Now, 1-2 weeks later- I woke up, took a shower, and when i came out, BAM, a million tiny little skin colored bumps on my forehead. Idk how this happened. im gunna go see my friend tomorrow, and i dont want my face lookiing like this i need help. Ugh how cud this happen (((((( UGH.
  12. OKay so I would say that me face is... mild? But when I pick them at it it is horrible! Now I get Mostly white heads on my forehead, and maybe every 2 weeks an inflamed one. On my cheeks, I rarely get white heads, same as my nose upper lip, and chin. Now right now, I have about 3 whitheads (that i just picked at <BAD IDEA>) on my forehead, a scab (use to be a white head) on my cheek, and somthing under my nose, like a pimple, but its kinda small, and is VERY tender. I have no idea what it