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  1. yeh mte it was panoxyl,i was lookin 4ward to it makin a difference,i gave it a cuple of weeks solid n its really harsh,irritates,and makes ur face really sore n dry,it did slow down the acne a bit but because its greasy,it leads to lot of normal spots that get bigger with the dry skin(i know wat im on about),but ive been using the oxy on he spot bp for a cuple days n its seems quite gud,its defo a lot gentler and my face(tuch wood)is sstartin 2 improve
  2. hi in the uk,we cant get the neutregena bp,and after goin2 the docs they prescribed me a bp 'aquagel',i hav tried doin the reg with that but theres been no success,2 be honest its made a dogs dinner of my face! but 2day i saw an oxy 2.5 bp cream so brought it i was wondering if ne1 uses this and can tell me if its wat i shud use,ne1 success storys from this etc thanx in advance!
  3. hi, i too have very dry skin with acne,and over the last four years i must literally have tried at least 60 different moisturisers.what i recently discovered is he best ones are the ones with urea in,look on the ingredients for it,unfortunately they are a bit more expensive,but are much better.
  4. hi everyone, i just wondered if any1 can relate.im nearly 18,without being big headed im quite goodlookin apart from the acne.i was always used to getting my pick of the girls until a cuple years ago wen i got acne,its really bad some days,not so bad others but i tend to get really stubborn,big pimples in the worst places.although i still lead a normalish life,having this has really affected the social aspects like calling off things because its real bad on that day,or looking down wen spking2 p
  5. i cant download the video,please cud sum1 let me know how much bp 2 use after its been ramped up and the best way to apply it,i cud be thick but im not sure wo ppl mean 'a finger' or wat sum1 please help
  6. hi all,ive been on the regimen for about a week,the acne has slowed rite down but my face has gone red,dry,crackly etc i wondered: 1.)how long until ur face stops being red,dry,crackly? 2.)how long until you really see the results? 3.)i had truble downloading the video,my comps crap,so can someone try to explain the amount of bp to use,at the moment i not using much,how thick does it hav to be?etc thanku in advance,much appreciated!
  7. hi all,i have been using the regimen for nearly 2weeks,and although my face has gone very dry and peely,the acne has all but stoped.however ive always had really greasy skin and,i am getting lots of smaller pimples(normal spots if u like),and with the dry skin they look terrible,i have two questions: 1.)will the dry peeling get better as time goes on? 2.)how can i stop the spots coming?,if the answer is to use neutragena,where does that go into the regimen,before or after bp,and before or