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  1. I think its great your going to record your derma rolling experience. I think that you should continue to post in this thread and not in lamar's. Just for the simple fact your different people and there is over 47 pages in that thread and i know that a lot of people wont take the time to read through all of that i think it makes it easier on other people. Good luck and pretty soon here when i get my roller i plan on recording my experience as well. Good luck!
  2. Ok Ive been reading a lot about copper peptides and green cream but im still a bit unsure which is better from what i understand they work a lot in the same way. Which one is really better? I do get occasional breakouts and im going to start rolling soon which would be the better one to add to my regiment? Or are there better alternatives. Also i am of ethnic skin are these products ok for darker skin? Please keep in mind that im going to start rolling soon which one would be best for a person i
  3. I am thinking of trying out the dermaroller but im still a bit unclear to how the whole process should work. I understand the rolling part itself but im just not sure about the topicals and what not. For example this is what i gathered from what i read. 1. Wash your face then clean with alcohol 2. Use the roller from there im kind of lost do i put topicals on before i start rolling or only after? Do i wash my face after rolling or just clean it with an alcohol wipe. Ive heard people saying a
  4. First and foremost i would like to say thank you to everyone who has ever written a post or replied to one. You guys help a lot more people then just the people that are registered with this site and I was one of them. Now im registered though ! Ok now i am a African American male i would say im a bit on the lighter side. Ive done tons of searching but i haven't really found anything that had to do with ice pick treatments for darker skin. Ive read that there are a few procedures out there and