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  1. I'm looking for some over the counter shampoo that will not irritate my skin. What are some active ingredients that might or might not cause irritation on acne prone skin? I know some active ingredients include zinc pyrithione and I even saw some with salicylic acid. What shampoo do yall use to avoid breakouts?
  2. Walk in to wal-mart. 5 black people walking one of them says "ooooh that boy need some proactive" in some really ghetto way. I heard them but I pretended as if I didnt, and my friend was with me and he heard them too but we just stayed quiet... That feel
  3. I see them all the time and don't wanna try them cause there may be skin irritants cause Men products usually feel like they have menthol and stuff. But what are your opinions on them? Specifically these 2 products: http://www.neutrogena.com/product/neutrogena+men-+skin+clearing+acne+wash.do?sortby=ourPicks the ingredients are at the bottom. and guys, in no way am i trying to advertise I just want to know because the packaging seems so nice I always wanna try it. and this one http://www.a
  4. prostik

    Moisturizes your face a lot! Does not irritate at all Cheap cartridges No acne Shave could be a little closer I was very skeptical at first but I have severe acne and I didn't want to try out a blade that I had no idea what it would do to my skin (my mom got it on sale at walgreens). Just after the first try I knew this was something different, I've used all kinds of razors and nothing comes close to this. The shave is very moisturzing and it does not irritate at all. Not a single
  5. prostik

    Cheap (lasts a while) Smells Nice Gets rid of the oil in my skin None that I can think of I use this as a cleanser and there is no reason not to give it a 5 because it does everything it is advertised to do. I have very oily skin and moderate acne and this keeps the oil from accumulating on my face and I guess reduces breakouts. My breakouts have lessened and I like the nice after glow it gives. I do not even need a moisturizer, I see people complaining about it but it leaves my skin f
  6. seriously man?? youre friend was right... get help... your skin is perfect....
  7. did you get accutane?

  8. I have had a cyst on my nose for 3 weeks now. It formed a head yesterday and i popped it after i woke up, it was on the mirror XD.. yeah those are annoying... and its still kinda swollen... I would get an injection...
  9. nobody looks good around fluorescent lighting... ahhh its soo annoying you have to catch the light just right XD... incandescent light bulbs are awesome, they are very kind towards my skin
  10. i'm 17, 18 on april 28th. My acne started when I was 12, it wasn't a big deal until my sophmore year (15 years old) when I started getting cyst on my forehead and back and then its just gotten worse over the past few years. im 17 as well.. gonna be 18 in june... mine started right before i turned 17.. beginning of june last year.. it got out of control in november, and was at its worst December, and January... but its getting better now tha tim on the regimen... but the hyperpigmentation
  11. Whoaa... There is a big improvement from your first post. What exactly did you use? Are using anything else with accutane?