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  1. LeiiLeii

    Christine's Accutane Diary

    Hey I just stumbled across your Accutane diary! I got curious because my acne got HORRIBLE out of nowhere. I would be happy if my acne looked like yours! Anyways, I was just curious if you ever tried any antibiotics before ever trying Accutane?! My doctor prescribed Minocyclin which worked great then I stopped out of laziness, as of right now about a week about I've been on Tetracyclin and it's pretty much doing it's job, but the side effects make me feel ill [loss of appetite, stomach feeling irritated, slightly dizzy] ahhh I hate it! Point is, How are your side affects for Accutane? I'm the type that worries a lot over side effects and I just wanted to compare, see if maybe I can handle it? p.s. Good luck on your skin! Hope it's working for you and you don't have to deal with it anymore. It's such a pain in the @#%!
  2. LeiiLeii

    Reconsider Or Patience ?

    I think even taking it by mouth would still help your scars. I think my mom was taking something similar. I'm surprised they didn't give you a cream/gel to apply directly on your skin.
  3. I notice sometimes when I wake up from sleeping, one side of my face will be swollen, they're both equally bad. I can feel the puffiness all over my cheek. Is there anyway to prevent this? I always get scared. It's just a very uncomfortable feeling. As if the bumps weren't enough to deal with now I have to suffer from a big ol' cheek! Whoever says acne isn't a big deal is so wrong. Having to deal with peeling, white pus coming out, cheeks that hurt from all the acne, not even being able to hide it with make-up, the side of effects of medication, the burning sensation of putting creams on or washing it, and afterwards, swollen cheeks, swollen lymph nodes. AND NOT TO MENTION THE OVERALL SELF ESTEEM DAMAGE. & then when the nightmare is gone if you're lucky, you have to deal with these horrid scars. Wow and to think back then I would throw a fit for one little whitehead.
  4. LeiiLeii

    Tetracyclin 500 mg

    You know, my dr. told me to consider accutane if the antibiotics weren't much of a help, but they kind of are helping. But I was wondering how bad the side effetcs were for you on accutane?
  5. LeiiLeii

    Tetracyclin 500 mg

    How long did you stay on tetracyclin for? I've been on it for less than week. Do you have any tips on easing the side effects?
  6. Hi it's my first post, yay! Okay so I'm currently on Tetracyclin 500 mg and basically last night I felt so nauseated and just ill that it reminded me of the nasty feeling I had when I got morning sickness! My stomach kind of hurt, well basically I don't really crave food unless I'm starving. Anyone else feel like this? Should I keep taking it? I don't mind feeling a little nauseated since it does seem to be somewhat doing it's job. On the label it says to take on an empty stomach. 1 hour before or 2-3 hours after a meal unless otherwise directed by your doctor. When I had asked my doctor if I should take it with food cuz my stomach is sensitive, she did say I COULD. But after picking up my medication and noticing that it said to take it on an empty stomach, I figured I'd do what it said. By the way, anyone have cystic acne bunched up together? This is the first time I have it all over and man it is so freakin painful! How long is this crap gonna take to heal cuz I have to finish community service and I have court soon but I haven't gone because my pimples keep popping everywhere and I don't want to go with white heads all over and what not. I know it sounds vain, but c'mon! You guys know the feeling.
  7. LeiiLeii

    Does clear huge pimples, slightly reduced oily skin Dizzy, nausea, I THINK it might stop working over time I used this antibiotic back in late 2007 through 2008. I had moderate acne and this made my skin look amazing, well I still had the scars of course but with make up, it looked like it was almost flawless. Around summer of 2008, I got kind of lazy and use it on and off, and it kind of stopped working to an extent, I believe. I used this with Differin and I loved the results it gave me. I remember getting compliments from people at school on my skin. It did work for me, but only for a while. After I stopped using it permanently, my acne came back with revenge! But there are other personal factors which I believe might have contributed to my horrible break out. Another thing that frightened me about using this, was the scary side effects I remember reading. Haha. Hypochondriacs, beware!
  8. LeiiLeii

    Cleared up my little pimples, they resembled blackheads but more bumpy. Good customer service. Fast Shipping. Free samples. Good price. Cystic acne spread, I just had it on my chin area, and it spread upwards towards my cheeks and in between my eyebrows, I have huge cystic pimples all bunched up together. Okay, I'm not sure if it was the bar of soap or the treatment bottle that cleared up my blackhead like pimples. And I'm also not sure which caused my HUGE pimples to spread. My acne got so bad, SO FAST, as a result I am suffering from swollen lymph nodes. I'm not sure if my skin is just purging itself, getting worse, before it can get better, but I've never been so depressed in my entire life. I seriously cry myself to sleep, if not I cry all day. I've been hiding for 2 months in my room. I went to see a Dr. yesterday and she prescribed Tetracyclin & Differin to me. Hopefully it works. I was on Minocyclin & Differin in 2008 and worked wonders until I stopped using it out of pure laziness. Anyways, I don't know if I should continue to use the benzoyl peroxide treatment in the morning? Maybe I shouldn't have bought Carley's strongest bottle? Please message if you guys have any advice or similar experience. Thank you!