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  1. mick86

    Cysts in hair line

    Great observation, this picture also has nothing to do with interpretative dance or hydro electricity. This is my personal gallery, I will put what ever pictures up that I want. Also I rarely took pictures back then unless they were bodybuilding progress shots.
  2. mick86

    Me 2008

    I havn't logged in to this board for 2 years now (partly because ive been busy with life in general and keeping fit and partly because I forgot my user name, lol). In that time my acne has mostly been fine although I've used minocycycline, trimethoprim and a second course of Roacutane to keep things under control. Recently I spent quite a few months on no medication and alas, im starting to get a few cysts on my body. All in all im still pretty clear.
  3. From the album: Me 2008

    I have put on a fair bit of size since that last back picture so I thought I post a picture for comparison. My skin is very clear, no complaints there.
  4. I was looking through your pics again and this one again caught my attention, I just don't understand how someone with your looks can have confidence issues. You would turn my head even if I passed you in a crowed street. You have very unique and alluring features. Thanks for the picture comment btw, I only just noticed it and replied underneath it.
  5. *Blushes* Thank you, I can honestly say the same thing about you.. I think your stunning but more importantly you are also a genuinely niece person.
  6. mick86

    Crystal clear

    Yeah very lucky. Considering how much I have picked at my skin over the years it looks great, I have no particularly noticeable scars on my face.
  7. Dianette I can honestly say that after looking at all of your pictures even when you skin is at its worst you look pretty, and when its clear like in this one you look stunning. Even when you skin is breaking out it hardly detracts from you looks, it is certainly not the first thing that I noticed when I looked at your photos. I know that it may not make you feel any better about yourself but like I needed to, I think you should look at what some of the other people on this site are dealing with
  8. mick86

    My face

    This is a really nice photo, your good looks steal the focus from the slightly uneven texture of your skin. Imperfections were certainly not the first thing that I noticed when I looked at this picture.
  9. From the album: Me 2008

    After having the three main cycst from my previous pictures injected with cortisone and having a few more pop up, this is what im left with. Iv been taking Trimethroprim for a few weeks now, hopefully it will help. Im also going to try using benzoyl peroide on my chest, as it's worked well on my face.
  10. mick86

    Crystal clear

    Thanks, When im trying to gain weight I lift weigths 5-6 days a week 1-2 hours per session and do cardio once a week. When im dieting, more like weights 4-5 times a week less than an hour per session and cardio for 20-40 minutes most days. A combination of all the cardio and eating less seems to wear me out.
  11. mick86


    Lol I've never heard of him but just searched for a picture of Chad, and I have to say that you are right. There is a resemblance . I'll put a picture up of him for comparison like I did with Jamie Oliver.
  12. From the album: This was me 2003-2006

    Some one commeted about one of my photos that I remind them Chad Michael Murray from the tv series One Tree Hill they said quote : "you remind me of that dude out of one tree hill, i Chad Michael Murray is it? Except more muscly, i bet you could eat Chad, he's a twat" (I've never heard of him) Here is a picture of Chad so you can decide for yourself. I think that I at least I look more like Chad Michael Murray than Jamie Oliver.
  13. mick86


    Lol I've never heard of him but just searched for a picture of Chad, and I have to say that you are right. There is a resemblance . I'll put a picture up of him for comparison like I did with Jamie Oliver.
  14. Lol, looking back I was sort of a little skinny back then (but not bad for my age, I think I was around 19) Im more muscular these days.
  15. Thank you, im very flattered by the various complements I've recieved from people on this site. I actually dont get all that many from people I meet in the real world. Clearly people on this site tend to be well natured.
  16. mick86

    Crystal clear

    From the album: Me 2008

    Ive been using Dans regimen to great success recently.
  17. From the album: Me 2008

    Not a pimple in sight (though I had a few under my jaw line, sometimes I get cysts there also).
  18. From the album: Me 2008

    This picture dosn't really show my acne clearly but I like it, so I inclued it anyway. The cyst in the center of my chest is just visible The only shots I have of my body have all been taken for tracking my fitness training so please forgive the pretentious poses.
  19. mick86

    Cysts on chest

    From the album: Me 2008

    As you can see I have a few cycts on my chest. I guess they dont look to bad here but darne things hung around for months and Id already drained the worst of them numerous times. Wether I drain them or not sometimes they reseed for a few weeks only to bounce back just as big. These cycts actually got worse after I took this picture and when I was finally able to see my derm I had them injected with cortisone .
  20. From the album: Me 2008

    My back is pretty clear these days, my chest is more of a problem. I tend to get pimples and sometimes cysts on my scalp and in my hair line. You can see a few cysts there in this picture. Also I can never seem to get rid of what seems to be folliculitis on my upper arms. The camera diddn't pick it up in this picture but its always there.
  21. mick86

    Nissan Silvia

    I was actually pretty sensible driving this thing. The previous owner was right into drift racing. It was an interesting car to learn to drive in to say the least.
  22. Thankyou. Thats very kind. Coming from someone with your looks it makes me feel even better.
  23. Thx, u both brought a smile to my face. Your kindness is appreciated