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    Bodybuilding, riding my motorbike, modifying my car, car audio, juggling (its not just 4 clowns & hippy's you know), nutrition, electronics, IT (graphic manipulation, animation, programming ect), over analysing things, being self critical and last but not least picking at my skin.

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  1. mick86

    Me 2008

    I havn't logged in to this board for 2 years now (partly because ive been busy with life in general and keeping fit and partly because I forgot my user name, lol). In that time my acne has mostly been fine although I've used minocycycline, trimethoprim and a second course of Roacutane to keep things under control. Recently I spent quite a few months on no medication and alas, im starting to get a few cysts on my body. All in all im still pretty clear.
  2. Thats a tricky question. On one hand, exercise improves blood flow and oxygen supply to your skin, as well as increasing perspiration (which is said to aid in cleaning pores). On the other hand, heavy exercise ( i.e low rep weight lifting) increases the production of a hormone called cortisol. This hormone tends to have an adverse effect on acne. But Wait, the release of this hormone can be addressed through proper nutrition. Im sure you’re familiar with the importance of post workout protein,
  3. I dont wish to tread on anyone’s toes but here is my two cents worth on a topic which thoroughly interests me. All in all even if weight lifting does for one reason or another worsen acne, it is still a small price to pay for staying in shape in my opinion.
  4. mick86

    Random Pics

    Non acne related stuff
  5. OMG thats something u dont see every day. I would not let that man any where near my skin. He clearly does not know the first thing about medicine or hygiene. Anyway how is he ment to have opend up the skin with a movement of his hand? Mabye he is a voodoo doctor...? :lol2:
  6. I havent got an answer just yet but im looking for one. I use an electric shaver for the same reason but it irritates my skin too. Especially my chin and jaw line. It causes small pimples to form. I shave rarely because of this. Im experimenting with aftershaves and other products that can be applied after shaving. Im hoping that ill find one to remedy the problem. A few people on this site seem to think exfoliating may help, but seem undecided whether to do it b4 of after shaving. As for the ra
  7. I can completly relate to ur problem because I have it to. My habit goes in cycles. I pick at my skin, regret picking, decide that I will no longer pick, heal, find a pimple that I just have to pick and then its like they say once u pop u cant stop. I pick 1, then just 1 more, 1 more ect until ive nothing left to pick. I think I hav a real problem. I just have no self control and even as I pick im thinking to myself stop picking. I sorta lose track of time. It really sucks.
  8. From time to time I get small pimples on my ears lobes. I used to get reasonably sized ones in my ear, especially up the top. They would drive me mad. Id always pick at em. They were a very unique sort of pimple come to think of it. Does that sound weird?