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  1. thanks for the help. i haven't gotten back on it yet since my microdermabrasion and chemical peel 2 days ago. they told me i should probably wait a few days, but didn't specify how long. I actually have noticed fading. Especially since having the microderm and peel. I'm scheduled for another one in two weeks. whatever it takes to fade these ugly red marks!
  2. So I began Retina A back in the end of November. I had a massive outbreak of cystic acne (not sure if I would've had it with or without the Retin-A.) Well, I am now clear, BUT i have bad red marks left. I had a microdermabrasion and gentle chemical peel today. They told me to stay on the retin-a because it helps fade the marks quicker. Does it really help speed up the fading of the red marks at all? Anyone got any advice on this?
  3. Girl, you need to tell the the clinic what she's doing. It could be costing them business if she's having clients go to her home and worsening their skin condition. She works there and therefore what she does at her home reflects on the clinic. I'm so sorry to hear about the cysts. The only thing I can think of would be to get the cortisone shots, they seem to help pretty quick. Sucks it's the weekend. Honestly, I think being patient is the only thing you can do right now, until Monday t
  4. Hi there, I also did not want to go on antibiotics, but I was getting desperate. I didn't like the idea of taking pills, and worried that once I stop taking the antibiotics, the acne would come right back. Well, I decided to take a chance since nothing seemed to be working. I also started using the apple cider vinegar as a toner. It's made a huge difference. My face was clear until yesterday, I got two small pimples (not sure if I consider them cysts). I put some EradiKate on them, a sulf
  5. I read that 6000iu's were what is recommended daily for adults. My derm also suggested I take vitamin a, but not too long. I did 2 weeks of 16,000iu's. They were 8000 each, took them twice daily. After the two weeks, I went down to just one (8,000iu's) a day, and now I'm only doing it every other day. My acne was HORRIBLE. Painful cysts all the the side of my face. I don't know if the vitamin a was what helped or the doxycycline, but my cysts are gone. I have horrible red marks left, but
  6. Well, I had an appointment this past Monday (the 22nd) with the derm. and she gave me some cortizone injections. That has helped a lot. I am currently taking the doxy and she also told me to take Vitamin A, so I am taking that 2x daily. I do feel a difference, some of the other small cysts have come to a head and flatten out. Of course, the damn red spot is still there. BUT, she told me to try Dermablend, it's a makeup and it is AMAZING! My skin looks almost flawless with it, I even had a
  7. Oh my gosh girl, you are exactly like me! I've had the same issue with cystic acne with not much of a history with acne. Except like you said, occasional zit here and there that could be popped. I am 27 and didn't change anything about my diet or make-up routine. My face just all of a sudden started to break out with cystic acne. For me, it's mainly from the temples down my jawline and a little on my cheeks. I can cover a lot of it with my hair if I wear it down. So where did you find th
  8. Joe Zit- Thanks so much for all the advice. I did ask the derm what kind of acne she considered me and she said it "looks" like cystic acne. I can feel them under my skin and they NEVER come to a head. Right now I actually have a hot compress on my face seeing if that'll help. I also asked one of our estheticians at work (I work at a salon and spa) and she said it looks more like cystic acne. Right now I have just a few that are small, but I can feel them under the skin and they hurt. I
  9. the_TRUTH-I dont' have insurance either. I would suggest calling some dermatologists and seeing what their self-pay rate is. Mine was $100 the first visit and ever since it's only $50. I know that is still a lot, but it's way cheaper than some other ones I checked.
  10. Thanks for all your replys. I went ahead and started taking the doxycycline. I don't want to be on them too long. My husband and I had plans to try and have another child this year and I know I can't be on antibiotics during a pregnancy. I don't understand why these cysts keep popping up! I'm doing everything right, using all the crap the derm gave me. I never had this problem before and just out of no where my face exploded with all this nasty acne. I'm about ready to even give Proactive
  11. My dermatologist's assistant was telling me that he believes that me being on an oral antibiotic would pretty much be the only way to clear up my cystic acne. I hate the idea of taking antibiotics long term, and to have to "depend" on them to keep my skin clear. There is a little more info in my Introduce Yourself post. I've read posts on here that antibiotics will help, but as soon as you get off of them, your face will breakout just as bad. I don't want that. I was really hoping to just
  12. I'm wondering the same thing. I have tons of red marks left and they are almost as bad as the acne itself!