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    EVERYTHING! but water skiing and smoothies are the best!!
  1. Excellent, really pleased to hear that. Resisted accutance so far but may have to give it a go very soon if my new regimen doesn't sort me out. Fingers crossed!

  2. goin good actually im pretty much perfectly clear. decided to go with accutane which went great. how bout u??

  3. Hey, how's it going now?

  4. One thing i would definitely recommend is not using liquid foundation without using powder over it. Or else you will look shiney and oily and fake and blah. yea..not good. lol so if the redness isnt too bad, just moisturize and then use powder. Good luck
  5. hey guys, so i'm using accutane for abt 4 months now and its workin really well! but im concerned about later side effects that i've heard abt. (like years later)...not sure if they true but just want to make sure. also, im not sure why but i have really bad stretch marks and my derm told me that the only thing that helps is laser....that the stretch mark/scar cremes dont work worth shit. so is this true??? and if so how much does laser cost??? i think its really expensive:( but i want to know
  6. Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you have used pore strips, and what kind of success you've had with them. Are they just for your nose area?? Atleast that's mainly what I've read... I'm seriously not sure what brand to used either. If there's a kind you can used for all over your face, that would be best. PLEASE COMMENT!!!=DDD <3
  7. my skin got extremely dry and was peeling worse than anything i had seen even when i was using the 2.5% bp. the moisturizer in the regimen is really light. and didnt work for my really dry skin. my skin is fine now, after using jojoba oil and a moisturizer from artistry (you can order from artistry.com) they have really good stuff. if you are looking for a good make up, it doesnt clog pores and its amazing!! i dont use as much bp as i used to. partly bcuz it took forever to dry :/ and my skin i
  8. thanks! i read something that said i should leave it on and not wash it off. have you tried that?
  9. hello???.................anyone????