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  1. Nothing new to report. I'm 3 years post accutane. No signs of recovery of yet. I'm still shedding and my hair is just as thin as it was last year. I did start this "no poo" method and only using water to wash my hair. I think natural oil does keep my hair in better shape. I really miss my thick hair... =( At this point, I don't think my hair will recover. I think accutane permanently miniaturize my hair follicles all over my body. It's a god damn poison and I'm so stu
  2. @redemption, I've experienced a very HEAVY hair shedding for a week after drinking kale shakes daily for a period of 2-3 weeks. Kale has very HIGH amount of vitamin A in it. It could be a sheer coincidence, but that experienced has convinced me to at least stay away from vitamin A rich foods. In terms of other fat soluble vitamins (D, E, K), I actually take 2000IU of vitamin D3 daily for energy and mood. Vitamin D deficiency is quite common for people who do not get a lot of sun lig
  3. Hey All, Just stopping by for an update. I'm a 29 years old male and it's been about 3 years since my accutance course. I should mention that, there's NO history of MPB in my family, ever. My hair is still very thin, lost about half inch on my hairline from the accutance course and still suffering from chronic telogen effluvium. On average, I'm losing about 30-40 hairs every time I wash my hair and run my fingers through my hair. I've read someone's post that you should avoid a
  4. Very interesting... I think I went through a recent heavy shed after drinking kale shakes for couple of weeks. Kale has tons of β-Carotene which is considered vitamin A. Exactly what do you define as vitamin A versus vitamin A derivatives?
  5. Did anyone hear about someone that ACTUALLY went bald due to accutane? I don't think I have heard of anyone going complete bald due to accutane. I've read in clinical literature that people don't go bald from chronic telogen effluvium since hair growth rate and shed rate are similar. I also read that it usually results in "spontaneous resolution" in 3-10 years. I guess I don't mind waiting 10 years as long as I know that I won't go bald.
  6. Volcom, did you do anything like changing your diet or taking supplements for hair? Is your hair just different in texture or do you think it's somewhat thinner than your original hair?
  7. I'm glad you were able to recover. I linked your post in the hair loss thread:
  8. A hopeful message from a fellow male poster 3 years post accutane hair loss:
  9. Been almost 3 years since Accutane has touched my body. Still suffering from extreme thin hair and shedding hair all over my body. Fuck this shit. I'm thinking about trying Rogaine but I'm thinking about testing it on my leg hair for few months first because I don't want to it worsen my hair. I've been using copper peptide and emu oil mix on the hairline. I will let you guys know if I see an improvement.
  10. I'm in the same position as you are. It's been three years and my hair is still thinned all over and hairline receded about almost an inch. After relentless research, it seems that there is no treatment available. Some literature says that chronic telogen effluvium can last up to 9 years before it resolves, but that seems more like a guess than a real number. It's rather surprising that there isn't more data on this issue considering how old of a drug accutane is. I heard the emu
  11. simple. if it doesn't work for you, don't use it. everyone's different.
  12. If you have dry skin, I wouldn't use Dan's or Cetaphil moisturizer. They both dried me out. I'd recommend Aquanil.
  13. bcbcbc

    Best cleanser for dry and flaky skin Minimal ingredients None I have tried countless cleansers for dry skin including cetaphil, spectro jel, neutrogena, acne.org cleanser and etc. Aquanil is the most gentle cleanser out of all of them. I have SEVERE dry skin that suffers from eczema year round. Then, I was recommended the Aquanil and tried it. This is the BEST cleanser so far for dry skin. Give it a try