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  1. Just one comment.... Kitty Collins' diet looks very diverse to me. Can anyone think of more than a handful of things she could add to that list??? (I'm talking food sources, not dishes: Let's not confuse pizza vs cereal vs lasagna vs a sandwich with cheese vs cake vs crackers vs pasta with "variety"... those are more or less milk and wheat repackaged over and over). (Disclaimer: I'm not trying to give her the green light to undereat... nor am I trying to give her the green light to isolate her
  2. Though I am hesitant to comment on any single thing out of context, I do have a sneaking suspicion that dark chocolate actually improves my skin health. There have been several times where I have eaten 60-80% dark chocolate in large amounts and my skin became very healthy looking... While these anecdotes are not nearly, even remotely, proof of a connection, I do have a mild belief of some connection at this point. I cannot explain it, nor can I definitively confirm it. I have read somewhere tha
  3. here's an interesting thought... what if the waisays people are right (in some people's cases), but for the wrong reasons? Cooking causes more airborne proteins to be released from foods.... if these foods contain proteins which your body finds foreign, just being around the foods while they are cooking/still steaming will cause an inflammatory response. Same could be said with salival leakage during sleep, or hand-to-face contact for that matter (if your hands still have food residue on them).
  4. "In the May issue of The Journal of Clinical Investigation, researchers from the National Human Genome Research Institute, the National Eye Institute, and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, all part of the National Institutes of Health, report that excessive production of a specific protein disrupts the protective properties of the skin barrier. Once the skin barrier is compromised, immune-system-stimulating chemicals – allergens – can enter the body and
  5. LMAO, emotions in the liver...I never went to askshelly for any information, that's for sure. But there are about 500 species of bacteria living on/in our bodies...I doubt P.acnes interacts with bifidus and acidophilus. excuse me for being kinda dumb and speaking in generalizations... but if all of this talk about the liver being the filter of many of the body's hormones is true.... then why should it seem so unreasonable to think that the liver has a direct hand in affecting "emotions"
  6. It made sense until you deleted the "Nice copy and paste" part of it. The assumptions is deadly thing was just referring to the fact you assumed I just "copied and pasted" that part. It's all good though. Now you know why I know more about the intestines than most people. I "have" to know more about it, because I suffer from intestinal problems and a disease that pisses me off more than anything. Take care. oh, but you did copy and paste in your post But I guess you might have j
  7. Sound advice. Yeah, the homo optimus diet, specifically, is a source that advocates saturated animal fats. (however, how good of a source is the homo optimus? I dunno...) _
  8. I try to avoid his food....pierogies are okay.....but anything else is loaded with saturated fat (not the good kind) and he actually thinks a baked potato is a vegetable. The only "good" thing they eat is saurkraut....fermented cabbage.....that can't be too bad....... I'm trying to get Accutane in the next couple months and I don't want to send my triglycerides and cholesterol levels through the roof. as soon as this Ivory soap bet ends I'm going back to a do nothing approach. I eat a decen
  9. I remember reading in the news, several months ago, that some research suggested that many "naturally skinny" people actually might be that way because of muscle clenching or foot shaking, etc, which actually burns more calories throughout the day than you might expect. First of all, I can't even find any information on that right now, so at the moment I'm just talking out of my ass. But if that is true, then perhaps the connection between acne and being skinny is that acne-prone people tend to
  10. 3000 cal when I want to maintain my lankiness. 3500-4000 when I want to gain weight (which doesn't usually last long) (both estimates are in the context of lifting weights... I'm not sure how much I eat when I'm not keeping track).
  11. My bad. I focused on the "don't supplement fish oils often" and just totally skipped over the Udo's part, apparently.
  12. Maybe it isn't fiber, by itself, then? You say that a wai-style diet didn't work out very well, but even so, have you tested adding higher-fiber fruits and veggies to your current diet? Did it turn out unfavorably?
  13. Whoa, that's a ton of omega-3. How would one get that much without supplementing? Wait, do you mean omega-9? (sorry for nitpicking ) Wow, that's a ton of omega-3. I haven't run across any sites that recommend that high, but maybe they don't cut to the chase... maybe they realize that people get way too much omega-6 and are realistic about their recommendations. (???) Anyway, I'm not claiming to know more than you on this, I'm just curious about how you came to th
  14. yeah, that homo optimus diet is very unusual. ~50-65% fat, ~20% protein, ~15% carbs. I'd try it out, but there seems to be a still-deeply-ingrained psychological barrier to getting more than 50% of my calories from fat... Mrs Jenkins, how much have you increased your carb intake (from the homo optimus)? And do high fruit and vegetable fiber break you out as much as grains do? When you did the Wai diet, did you also include a high amount of fat, like the 1g fat per 2g carb rule (roughly a 1:1 c