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  1. kadysmom

    Almost 3 Weeks!

    Ok, so I never claimed to be good at keeping up with a blog. Maybe thats why I've never done one before now.....hmmmm. But I really wanted to do this one cause there are so many blogs out there that have helped me through the hard decision to start accutane, and have helped me when I've had questions (THANKS EVERYONE!) Anyway here I am creeping up on week 3 (this wed) My symptoms have been odd, and not continual....The ones that are sticking around are moodiness dry lips itchy dry nose l
  2. Hi There! I just recently started accutane (2/10/10) and every time I searched the internet when I had questions I found the most helpful information on this site. And a BIG THANKS to everyone out there that has Accutane related blogs! Its helped me out so much so far! Thats is why I decided to make my own blog, maybe mine will help someone out too!!! A little back ground info on me.... I feel like I have had acne as long as I can remember. As a teen it wasn't horrible, but deffinitly
  3. I've only been on accutane for 8 days and have a horrible itchy dry scalp. Has any onle else experienced this? If so, any suggestions on products to use that can help??? Thanks so much!