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  1. I have whole psyllium husk(NOW brand) and I don't think I've been taking it right because I haven't had any wonderful bowel movements. I'm not regular...at all..I'm actually constipated. Does it matter what I mix it in(juice, water, food)? When should I take it? Whats the best time?(I take a multivitamin in the morning) How much water should I drink throughout the day? How much should I take? Any other advice?
  2. Okay.. I have whole psyllium husks.. and I've been mixing it(2 tsps) with cold juice and drinking it.. an hour or two before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning. I haven't even been going to the restroom good or anything.. if anything I'm constipated. Should I try taking it with water? Does it taste horrible in just water? I get the feeling like I'm going to throw up easily. Should I take it RIGHT before I go to bed? The reason I've been taking it a while before bed is because I dri
  3. I'm gonna be taking some psyllium hull capsules for a week or so until I do my colon cleanse..and I have to take vitamins with a meal and you can't take psyllium with vitamins..because it will absorb the vitamin nutrients or something like that. So should I just take my vitamins with my breakfast, and then take the psyllium capsules 20 minutes before I eat lunch and 20 minutes before dinnner? Or should I take them after I eat? Will taking them at lunch and dinner still be helpful.. or is the
  4. I want to do a colon cleanse..but I was wondering if there is a fast way to do it.. because I need to do a liver flush also.. and would like to try to do the colon cleanse and a liver flush before school starts back up.. because it would be rather hard when school is going on..(school starts back up around august 5th or so...). I also don't have a lot of money to spend..I was thinking about doing P&B shakes.. but doesn't taking them take like.. months before your colon is clean? I'm 16.. W
  5. Did I post this in the right place? How do I make a P&B shake? I have psyllium hull capsules(all I could find), and powdered bentonite clay. Any tips on things to make it work better? This morning I just mixed distilled water, and the clay(left it over night) and then opened the psyllium capsules and put it in the and mixed it. It was kinda jello like..but still watery. I haven't went to the bathroom yet and it's been HOURSSS.
  6. I can't afford organic meat right now, only eggs and when fishing season comes, fish. I need to start my anti-candida diet, but I was wondering if a vegetarian anti candida diet was possible? Has anyone tried this? Is there any other protein sources besides meat and dairy? (I also eat no wheat, grains, gluten)
  7. I live in a small Oklahoma town, and my family doesn't exactly have a lot of money. I can't afford to buy organic meat for my anti-candida diet, and even if I could.. it'd be impossible to find around here. I could get like..organic eggs and vegetables.. but no meat.. except if Wal-Mart sold it, but that's not likely. Is there any other options? I need to start my anti-candida diet as soon as possible. Any help would be appreciated! Oh, when fishing season comes in like.. spring and summer, I ca
  8. Ohkay, so I just found out I have Candida.. which SUCKS because I absolutely love fruits and that's mainly what I eat for breakfast. I might cry. What kinda of diet should I follow? Should I take any kind of supplements for this? I also have to follow a no dairy, wheat, gluten, soy diet. Which again I have no idea how. If anyone could help me I'd GREATLY appreciate it. I feel like my minds gonna explode from trying to cram everything I need to do into my head.
  9. I'm a 16 year old female, and I got acne around the same time I started having real bad digestion problems and started smoking. Which was like.. 7th grade. I quit smoking like 4 months ago and I thought that my acne would get a little better, but it didn't. My digestion problems cause me to not empty out fully when I go and have gas and all that (geez this is a lil embarrassing)..I have a really bad diet, which consists of a bunch of junk food because it happens to be cheaper then healthy food a