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  1. Hey everybody.. im in my 3rd month on accutane and am doing pretty well just have some scarring and such.. I was just invited on a cruise.. and i dont know what to do.. do i risk my skin for a cruise?.. i heard some pretty bad side effects with being in the sunn.. What do you guys think? Thanks for listening
  2. Nummies

    Sickk :(

    Hello everyone, So I just I'm almost done my 3rd month supply of accutane , I can definetly see a difference from last month. I hope that it continues to improve. Im using cetaphil moisturizer and face wash and nothing else at this time. I have a very bad cold and my doctor put me on antibiotics for possible strep throat. I am warning you guys do not take mucinex dm extra strength on accutane because you will feel like you almost die. I took only one dose this morning and I feel horrible, e
  3. Your ending result be perfect!!

    1. Nummies


      thank you.. I really hope it works im on my third month and still have some breakouts..
    2. Nummies


      Hello everyone, My name is Daniela , I am 22 years old and I have been struggling with horrible acne since the age of 12. Like many of you I have tried everything possible to clear my skin. The amount of dermatologists I have visited is unimaginable . I have been on every antibiotic and every topical treatment out there. Finally at my age now that I have exhausted every other option out there The doctor told me about an accutane study in the office. I would get the Accutane free of any cost