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  1. Oh, and Ambi is everywhere, I get mine at Wal Mart! 4-5 bucks I think! Sorry left that part out!
  2. Hey, yes, the doctor also put me on all of those topical treatments, none of which worked or either they made my skin peel and super red! This Ambi just seems to work, I have no idea why! lol! I actually switched back to my cetaphil face lotion at night, banishing cream in the morning b/c I after doing some research the Ambi does have some bleaching type chemicals that help the dark spots fade - and it seemed to be drying me out JUST a bit, not to the point of peely skin, just like the crinkly
  3. I am 28 years old and have never really had an issue with acne. I would get the occasional zit, normally one that could be popped on my chin, nose, and sometimes forward, but nothing big or even anything to fuss about. I washed my face every morning/night with Neutragena Oil Free Acne wash, and used Cetaphil lotion to moisturize. I also would use some sort of toner to get the remaining make up off my chin/nose area. Suddenly towards the end of the summer last year, I started breaking out on m