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  1. v is the bomb and she has been doing more than her fair share of modding recently ...apologies for my part in this . How she finds time to frequent here when she has a babe to take care of and knobend students to teach is one of the mysteries of the universe.
  2. I could edit out personal insults ....but there wouldn't be much left. Please chill out people.* *except for Adam. Adam gets a cookie.
  3. frances


    odds and sods
  4. Tara, I'm shifting this to prescription meds...you are likely to get more responses
  5. with my handy "make post invisible function" I have just cleaned up this thread. Please stick to the topic, and stop attacking each other.
  6. it didn't do anything for me...and it made my skin feel greasy
  7. no I don't. I seem to recall reading somewhere that sa and spf can not be put together.
  8. you can use the report function on a particular post. this will send a pm to all mods so your request can be actioned.
  9. go look through the red marks/post inflammatory hyperpigmentation forum
  10. well I take aropax (aka paxil) and I have noticed no connection. But I would like to say that taking it has been one of best decisions I ever made. While I think antidepressents are (for a variety of reasons I won't go into) hugely overprescribed - they can be an appropriate and positive treatment for some people.
  11. Have you read the FAQ (that I spent many hours writing!) at the top of the board. I think you will find it explains almost all treatment options.