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  1. I believe Neutragena On-The-Spot has some kind of moisturizer built right into it so it doesn't dry your face out as much as the generic stuff. Personally, I use the generic 2.5% and it works flawlessly for me. I used to use 5% but it would dry my face out so badly that it wasn't even funny. If 10% works for you then I'de probably stick with it. You may see better results with Neutragena On-The-Spot, but who knows.
  2. I had perfect skin between the ages of 0-15 and I'm 17 now. It has been 4 months or so now and my face is finally used to the BP and it never gets red, though that was a different story when I first started the regimen. The ONLY thing, and I mean the only thing that causes me to get pimples now is slacking on the regimen. How do I know this? Well within the last 4 days I've been slacking for the first time in about 40 days and guess what? I got my first two pimples on my face 2 days ago and the
  3. I can relate. What I would do was close my eyes while the moisturizer absorbed into my skin. For some reason this pretty much stopped any irritation I would get in my eyes. In all honesty, if you put any moisturizer near your eyes then apply very, very little. As for having to moisturize multiple times a day, this is something I have faced as well. I don't think it's bad for you. At the beginning of the regimen I was easily applying 3-5 times a day. For the first few months of the regimen
  4. Yeah. I use one brand called AcetOxyl 2.5 (Benzol Peroxide 2.5% gel) and it works perfectly. Keeps me clear 100% clear as long as I use it consistently.
  5. Seems you're following the regimen very well. My advice is to increase the dosage at a slow and steady pace. After another 2 weeks (which will make it a full month of you being on the regimen) I think that it will be safe to increase the dosage faster. This is what I did and it worked perfectly for me and I have very sensitive skin. As for red marks, yes, they are good sign in a way. Why is it a good sign? Well, if it's nothing more than a red mark (not an acne scar) then it's comforting to
  6. Still don't see it in British Columbia. Hopefully soon. :/
  7. I guess I fall under clear because over the last two months I've had 4 very minor pimples that lasted no more than two days each. Anyways, I moisturize nightly and always have. I do it because my skin dries out too easily. I use Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer (no Alpha Hydroxy, though I should) and AcetOxyl 2.5%.
  8. I worked up over the period of 2-3 months and it takes excessive amounts of BP to keep me clear, but it does it.
  9. I use Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15, it works perfectly. I'm not sure if that's what you have but make sure it says non-comedogenic somewhere on it.
  10. I use AcetOxyl because they don't sell Neutragena On-The-Spot here. AcetOxyl works like a charm though, I've only seen 3 pimples this month and about 3 the mont before and they were all on spots that I was either, a) applying weakly to, or B) not applying to at all.
  11. What's the address to this site?
  12. Dan, I've seen some studies done on iodine and I can confirm that for the most part, what he posted is real and it's worth looking into. I don't know how accurate the list is, it's kinda vague but I remember reading that kelp and whatnot contain the most iodine, and enough iodine can cause anyone to break out. Even if you've never had a pimple on your face.
  13. Useful information, espically the list. Thanks.
  14. I put it on 5-10 minutes after I put on the Benzoyl Peroxide.
  15. "Around the mouth is a tricky place. Instead of not using bp on that area, I would be diligent about making sure that you get it on there precisely twice a day. Often this is an area that people tend to miss spots. Also, remember that you are being VERY gentle in application. " Yeah, listen to this. I used to get them around my mouth occasionally and it was due to not being very precise in that area. Now I am and I no longer see those that acne there.