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  1. nesian123

    Pimple or Herpes? Help Plz!

    lol, okaayy. thanks you all for the comments:)
  2. nesian123

    RANT: Over It!

    I am honestly OVER this acne thing. I'm sure all of you are, but are being troopers and trying to get clear and GOOD skin. I am just almost giving up on ways to get my skin clear. I've had acne problems since I was 12 (now 21) and have been to 5 dermatologists in my lifetime. It seems like some things work but after a time period medicine and creams don't work anymore. I'm sure a lot of you out there have a similar story and are just sick of it. It honestly is a WASTE of my money and time. M
  3. Ok, so I just got this pimple (I think???) on the corner of my lip a few days ago. It just grew (and I believe is still growing) into this big pimple that looks like is filled with puss. I know if I pop it, its going to bleed. I've had this happen to me like 4 months ago but it was on the upper part of my lip. I know it might be herpes but most of the pictures I looked up of oral herpes don't look like what I have. I hope its just a pimple. Has anyone ever had this? I uploaded 2 pictures of it.