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  1. If you cleanse your system out and eat very healthy for weeks on end... until you are completely clear. I read that you can have some of your favorite foods occasionally, no more than once a week. But when you get into the habit of eating so healthy, you feel so guilty to eat a food you know you shouldn't eat. And yes, when you get back into your old ways, even one or two days can cause you to break out once again. Milk for example has hormones in it that will directly stimulate your sebaceo
  2. I will keep my supplements though. Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Fish/Borage/Evening primrose oil, Cal/Mag, Garlic Oil, and a probiotic. Every second day I take a zinc supplement. Also I used to take vitamin A... but now instead I eat 2 carrots a day for vitamin A.
  3. No... fasting for 20 hours is not what is healthy. It's the intermittent... reducing your meal sizes and having smaller portions. That's calorie restriction and is healthy. Yes that is healthy and will extend your lifespan. But you don't need to eat nothing at all for a full day.
  4. I disagree with 3 of his points. 1. You don't have to quit masturbating. You just have to limit your number of ejaculations. 1 or 2 times a week shouldn't have too much of an affect. 2. The fasting thing makes no sense whatsoever and I think it's stupid. If you ask any nutritionist or Doctor they would tell you the exact same thing. 3. The sunlight thing. You can just take a vitamin D supplement. The sun provides rays of light from all of the light spectrums including the Blue light spectr
  5. What I mean about the little holes... they are small little circular holes. They can vary in size depending on the severity of your alcohol use. They may be small, like the size of an eraser head on a pencil... Maybe even smaller than that or bigger. You have stores of fat here. I took 2 nutrition courses... 1 told me that even a night of binge drinking can result in a fatty liver... another told me that he did an experiment. He took 2 groups of mice.... 1 group got water to drink, the othe
  6. I disagree with the fasting. I don't see the point and a Doctor would highly not recommend that. You're better off just eating healthy... eating vegetables, and restricting your calories than to starve yourself for that long.
  7. Too much masturbating may be a cause of prostate cancer. The reason I say this is because the DHT will cause the prostate to grow... and the catalysis of testosterone into DHT occurs in the prostate. That's why men's prostate continue to enlarge as they get older and older in life, and sometimes it gets so big that it starts to press on the bladder and they have urinary problems in old age. Because the prostate get's bigger, and has more cell growth... you increase the chances of getting
  8. One thing... is when the fat is burned and used up, there will be a hole there. When you have a fatty liver... think of it as marble cheese. However where that fat is and when it is used up... your liver will look like swiss cheese. There will be some repair of the tissue 'holes'... However the unfortunate part is that the body also has a tendency to fill these holes up with scar tissue. So in the end the liver function will never be as good as it could have been, but can still be repaired
  9. Yup your fatty liver is most likely the biggest possible contributing factor to your acne, by far. You need your liver to take out used and extra hormones, however your liver function is highly impaired because of the fat in it... In addition to that, if you have been drinking, your liver takes priority to deal with the alcohol over every other function that it needs to do. It will deal with the alcohol first and foremost. When I was in university my Nutrition teacher said that even a sin
  10. Just wanted to make a key point for people to understand this better. I see a lot of people saying... for example " oh so I stopped masturbating for some time now and my acne got better but it hasn't cleared up" Or some people are trying to conduct experiments... to test to see if they can clear up there acne by refraining from acne. The key is... it is just a FACTOR. It is not the sole cause of your acne... so you cannot just clear up your acne completely by trying to refrain from mastu
  11. Hello People... You CAN masturbate and not worry about your acne... The thing is... it's the EJACULATION!... NOT the masturbation or sex. Feel free and stroke for hours on end, but it's only when you pop your load there's a huge hormonal surge of release... Also notice that 'endorphin' like effect after you get off? This is my opportunity to discipline myself and learn tantric sex... So try separating the orgasm from ejaculation. It takes time, practice, and strong self discipline. But w
  12. I would have to say Doctors don't care about candida. It's not an immediate medical concern and let's face it... with today's modernized diet... pretty much everyone has a certain degree of candida growth. Some more than others... and some people react differently to the candida growth as well. I left the pulp in my juicer and didn't wash it... within 3 days... totally covered in mold. Just like that. If you were on antibiotics... you killed all beneficial bacteria... but the candida wou
  13. What about lemons though??? I've heard countless stories that the lemon detox drink in the morning first thing before you eat anything else helps acne tremendously. Helps either detox the system... clean out the digestive tract etc.
  14. Hey I just wanted to mention something about ejaculation... A bit off topic but... an even scarier concept than excessive ejaculation causing acne... How about ejaculation causing hair loss? I admit... I have masturbated quite a bit in my life time... I'm 25 and sometimes have masturbated upto 5 times in a day. My hairline is receding in the front... and the hair there is thinning. Also... I just masturbated today... I noticed a strange tingling sensation in my scalp after I masturbate.
  15. Lemon juice is very highly acidic with a pH of 2. It's also isn't as sweet as oranges. I don't find lemons to be sweet at all, just very sour. The lemons have many healthy properties... vitamin C, limonene(like a natural cleaning compound). It is very very special in that it can help clean out your intestines. It can clean out the yucky stuff... maybe candida, or other nasty parasites. That's why it's great to have it first thing in the morning. If you drink it first think in the morning b