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  1. Seriously, the best thing you can do is just wrap an ice cube with a handkerchief and hold it to your cyst for 10 -15 seconds then let it go and reapply it a few seconds later. Do this until the ice cube has melted and by then the cyst will have gone down and hopefully forced the pus to surface and then you can squeeze all the goblins outta there. Make sure you get to the core of it which is the last thing that will come out after the pus, you will be able to notice it because it is solid and fr
  2. very good, thats all i needed to know thanks
  3. Im on accutane week 4 and when i wake up nearly every pore on my nose is a whitehead sticking out. Should i scrape off all these whiteheads while on accutane? Will accutane make these things disappear or do i have to get rid of these suckers? I dont see my derm till the end of my course. By the way these things die down by afternoon which i find weird because before accutane they just showed up after I had a shower for a few minutes then subsided.
  4. What was your total dosage or how much mg/kg did you end up taking? I am doing 93mg/kg but itseems the general consensus is 120-150 is needed for curing.
  5. Do what you have to do. I'll tell you my story which is really the opposite to yours.... I fukd around so much in high school, got high just about everyday then just ditched my last year of hs bcoz of my cystic acne. The following year i took a whole damn year off to sort myself out which included taking accutane which stopped me from getting cysts. So after that year i decided i wanted to study again even though i completely flunked out of hs and did a foundation course at university and i s
  6. Yes of course, it seems logical to me. Thanks for your input.
  7. Ive been taking my daily dosage of 40mg at night all at once. Most people do take half the dosage in the morning then the rest at night. I aint able to see my derm till my course ends so I would like to know how yall take your accutane. BTW I'm into my 4th week and the following week im upping my dosage to 80mg and I am thinking of doing the half morning/night routine now that my body has become used to handling 40mg at once.
  8. Thankyou all. I figured using Vasline is sufficient for my problem. I never thought of using moisturiser which I will try out tonight.
  9. I'm on my 2ND course of accutane. I can see where ur coming from and in some ways it was motivating the way you write.
  10. You started slightly earlier than me but we are pretty much in the same boat. I am on week 4 as of today and I am on my last week of 40mg which will be doubled for the remainder of my course. I'm still breaking out with a few massive whiteheads but I hope this stuff will start to work soon. Its good to know that there are other guys out there in similar conditions to mine taking accutane. Will be visiting your log from time to time. All the best dude.
  11. When is your next office party? Surely you can have one dream night?
  12. When you were a top 3 student your whole life until you got into high school, started getting severe acne, and didn't have the guts to even finish your final year of schooling.
  13. Do something that will take your mind off accutane for extended periods. For mine it is playing touch rugby or lifting weights. I'm not sure what your hobbies are but if you can, try and exercise as it is a great anti-depressent and it will help keep your liver healthy.
  14. Accutane works in strange ways. I took accutane to stop these massive cysts from popping up on my nose and it did just that for 2 years then it came back. I am now on my 2nd course but I now have to deal with acne all over my cheeks and sides of my face which i had none of at all before taking accutane.