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  1. Good luck, girl, lift your head up!!! it will soon be over, and when you will look back at it... you will be much happier person.I also have some mild pain in the chest in the last few days, and we are pretty close in the timing... I'm on day 28. and I also have a back ache, which is not very nice, but tolerable.you are not alone in this process! cheer up!
    Awww ur so sweet! Thank u! It's so encouraging to know that ur going thru similar symptoms as me! Yea I can't wait till it's all over~ right now it looks like I'm going to miss a few days of accutane bc I'm still overseas and won't be back in time for month 2~ I hope missing a few days won't do any damage... Hopefully it will be ok!
  2. good luck on the interview!Remember, own the interview....they want your services...YOU ARE IN CONTROL.... an interview should be a conversation NOT a lecture....Most importantly, the interviewer are not staring at your acne....Beauty :- B
    Thank u for ur encouragement! I saw ur note before my interview and it was really sweet! Good luck in ur journey as well :)
  3. I totally agree w u there...just recently I was in the same position where I had to go for a job interview not feeling confident in the way I look. But once u overcome ur insecurities, u become a stronger person. Anyways been following ur blog for some time and ur entries are so inspirational. I wish u all the best on ur journey!

  4. Oh cool haha! I have dryer lips and skin..and my skin is peeling. But I'm probably not moisturizing enough lol. I'll follow your progress, lets kick this thing huh?
    haha I am sooo positive that we'll look back 5-6 months later and this experience will just become a distant memory! =) Definitely will be following urs!
  5. Good luck, girl! I'm on day 15 and also take 30 mg, so we are pretty close...:- I have dry lips and my skin is peeling a bit from day 10... weird..My advice to you is to reduce the amounts of coffe and caffeine that you drink because it dehydrates the body and makes you thirsty. No need to do that since Accutane really dries everything out.
    Thank you! Good luck to you too =) I'm not peeling at all....and my lips aren't that dry yet...but my face feels a little itchy, is that normal?! I have the urge to just scratch it! haha yes...i have cut down on my coffee intake! I have never felt so dizzy and nauteous after drinking a cup of coffee before. It was a little scary!