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  1. It's been a while...but i've never forgotten about this blog! =) it's been 2 month post of taking accutane for me, and i got to say it feels pretty darn good to be off of these drugs. I've done my blood work and check ups after being off and i'm very blessed to be on track in terms of health. I can drink again~ with no worries which is also a huge plus hehe The redness and the scars are still visible but it's way better than before... like i've mentioned on my previous blogs, i'm so gratefu
  2. Mood: Day: post 21 days it's hard to believe that I'm free of the drugs. looking back it has not been easy... For me, it was a sudden breakout that came out of nowhere..and it took a toll on my self esteem and how I saw myself. I still feel uneasy and uncomfortable when guys approach me...in the past I luved the attention, this experienced has humbled me down a lot. Sometimes I still forget that I'm 100% clear! No acne, no bumps! I am so excited and so grateful that this medication worked
  3. Mood: day 132 I can't believe it's day 132...which means i have only 18 more days! Wow that's super excting.... i can honestly say there were definitely days when time did not go fast enough, I've already whined in my blog a few times about this. But time does go...and when you don't count down the days till ur done the tane it just goes more faster. i wake up with smooth, soft skin. I love how it feels...Right now i have a small zit on my cheek..but thank goodness it's not a cyst. Make
  4. Mood: Day: 120 I just popped in my last pill in my blister pack! I'm starting my new and last pack tomorrow~~ that means i have 30 more days to go....I'm so excited! I'm so excited to be done...my lips are getting sooo chapped...I moisturize my lips and constantly put on aquaphor/ carmex but I need to put it on every 10 min. The closer you get to finishing the more chapped ur lips get it seems. As for my face...I'm not completely satisfied yet. I've seen pics of other ppl on here when
  5. Mood: Day: 113 I've read that month 3-4 is when you get dramatic results...I'm not sure about dramatic, but i'm not complaining! Every day my skin seems to be healing. I don't have any active pimples anymore...i've been 100% clear for about 2 days. My face feels really smooth, the red marks seems to be fading, but it's still noticeably red, my scars are still there, but it's been looking better. I hope it will fade with time... While on accutane i've noticed my pores look bigger...i tota
  6. Mood: Day: 107 I came back to my hometown, just to visit my family for the weekend. It's been a month since i've last saw them...they looked at my face and said my skin definitely improved! Happy, Happy =) However u know the saying, ur, ur worst critic...i'm not completely satisfied w my skin yet...It seems like the red marks are slowly fading...but the scaring...It seems like i've been getting a lot of scarring recently. Will these scars go away? I pray that they're temporary. I've been
  7. Mood: Day: 99 Yay! Day 99!! Tomorrow will be my 100th day anniversary! It's exciting...when i look back and see how far i've come. This whole experience really makes you into a different, better...person. During the course there were definitely many ups and downs...but I'm proud that I really learned how to overcome them. Most importantly i'm facing my weakness, and I'm trying not to think about my skin too much.... My skin is really smooth...except for a few clogged pores. overall my ski
  8. Mood: Day: 93 It's been 93 days since i've been on accutane....Looking back, i've had a lot of improvements on my skin. But I have a lot of red marks...I was going to purchase emu oil, but from where i live, i have to purchase it online. Does emu oil really works wonders? For now, i'm trying to keep my regime as simple as possible. I'm using Aveeno calming cleaner, cetaphil moisturizing cream (which I love~~ I have no dry patches or dry skin..) and i'm also using Mederma. It's been only
  9. Day 87 Mood: It's been awhile since i've last updated you guys! It's been a hectic few weeks for me. I'm currently doing my training for my new job. I'm at a new environment, with ppl I don't know, at a place i've never been in...and seriously, EVERYONE has nice skin. I wonder why I was chosen to have bad skin...I've never experienced this before. I've never been in a situation where I had the worst skin...i've always been an outgoing, bubbly girl. But let me tell ya, it's been hard. In
  10. Mood: Day 72 It's been awhile since I last updated~! Recently I looked at my acne pictures. I took pictures of my acne at it's worst. And omg it was just so disturbing...Now that i look at it, i never realized my acne was THAT bad. I think all of use who have acne are so brave. I guess we have to be, the world is not going to stop for us... I was really shocked to see how much my acne has improved...I'm not saying my skin is flawless and i'm happy with it just yet. I still get clogged
  11. Day: 59 Mood: So i'm on day 59~ trust me time has gone really slow for me. It seems like i've been on accutane for awhile but it's only been two month. Is accutane making me impatient? haha I heard from other accutane users that generally the first 2 months seem to drag and as month 3 comes around, time will go by really quickly. I hope so! I just want to be clear and not have to worry about how i look. Just the other day, I went to get my bloodwork done and I wore just mineral powder...
  12. Mood: Day: 52 GREAT NEWS!!! I got the job! Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement during my long 3 weeks of waiting. I'm really excited to embark on this new journey. Not only do i feel grateful for this opportunity in such a hard economic time but having a new job (with clear skin hopefully! ) is a change that is most welcoming. My 2 month of training starts next month! So I have less than a month to prepare and pack my things...I'm nervous because I heard it's intense t
  13. Mood: Day: 44 I've been fairly busy yet unproductive....this is the first time in my life, that i've taken such a long break! I'll be hearing the final verdict for the job I applied to very soon...I had to wait 3 weeks for them to decide! My 3 weeks is coming due this week...so hopefully i hear some good news~ Ahhh~ like i said if i do get this job, I will have to move. It's not a 9-5 job so my lifestyle would be so different...it would be very exciting! I should just enjoy this freedom
  14. Day: 40 Mood: Today is day 40~ It feels like the days go by much slower when i'm always looking at my calendar and counting the days. But I can't help it. I've been feeling really tired lately...I'm also sick =( I think i'm coming down with a cold or something. Hopefully it's not bronchitis (I've had it before and it sucked...I had a fever of 40' and was constantly coughing. My lungs were never the same ever since) I've been coughing up phelm and just been feeling blah. Thankfully, I'm fe
  15. Mood: Day: 36 I don't feel much of a difference being on 60mg from 30mg just yet... except....in the middle of the night I wake up 3-4 times feeling soooo dry. It feels like I've been sleeping with my mouth open the whole night! hee hee =) My nightly routine is this: Wake up at 2am drink a glass of water- go to the washroon Wake up at 4am same thing Wake up at 6am same thing... If i don't drink water in the middle of the night, i feel like my lungs are drying out...it may be all
  16. Mood: Day: 32 I'm home!!~ It's great to be sleeping in my own bed after 3+ weeks of being away. As I promised myself, I've been trying to lose the pounds I packed on....so far it's surprisingly going very well! Overall I feel lighter. I wasn't disappointed when I jumped on the scale this morning...Maybe it's the accutane or being on the pill (yasmin) or the combination of walking my dog and going on the treadmill everyday since I got back...Oh and of course i've been eating a lot heal
  17. Mood: Day: 30 I was suppose to be done my 1 month on the 9th of March but Bc I'm still away from home I am still stuck on my 30th augh! But I lowered my dose as I mentioned so am still taking the tane everyday...but I won't have any come tom I have my doc's appt on Monday so by then everything will be right on track! I am finally going home today!~ super excited... I can't wait to get my new prescription filled! I can't wait to sleep on my own bed ahhh~ the little things we take for gr
  18. pictureperfect


    by the way...I miss beer too!!
  19. pictureperfect


    I'm almost done my one month too!~ Isn't it a great feeling? I'm glad to hear you had great improvements so far!
  20. Mood: Day: 27 I am feeling really happy! I did my second interview and I made it to round 3! Round 3 is the physical health test... My appointment is next week. I'm just a little nervous about it, hopefully me being on accutane won't affect the results. During the interview I felt...confident. But it was a different kind of confidence. Of course my acne worries were on my mind however I tried not thinking about it. It worked. I just kept on thinking out of 7000 applicants and there are on
  21. I'm so glad that u can continue with accutane! I'm a little nervous about my bloodtest too since I have been experiencing chest pains! Did the doctor give you a higher dose this month? I remember you were on 30 mg same as me~
  22. Awww ur so sweet! Thank u! It's so encouraging to know that ur going thru similar symptoms as me! Yea I can't wait till it's all over~ right now it looks like I'm going to miss a few days of accutane bc I'm still overseas and won't be back in time for month 2~ I hope missing a few days won't do any damage... Hopefully it will be ok!
  23. Mood: Day: 23 I don't feel that time is neccessarily going fast bc I'm on accutane... Wish it would go by faster. There are days when time seems to be going fast but days like today, 4 months seems so far away. I can't wait till my skin is clear... It just feels like my life is halted at this moment. I rather just stay home, I don't care about fashion and looking good anymore...I'm not sure If it's depression or me changing into a non materialistic person but this whole acne experience is
  24. Mood: Day:21 I can see my skin is becoming less bumpy...however the acne I do have seem to stand out more. I've noticed when I touch it, it feels numb. Don't know if that's normal or not. Also I feel a lot if heat on my cheeks when I'm not even hot. Before accutane I don't recall ever having a lot of heat coming from my face. Day 21 it's exciting that I'm almost at my one month mark! During the month I have been drinking on several occasions, I can definitely feel that my alcohol tolera
  25. thanks! Yea it's such a slow process ..it's nice to know I'm not alone hehe. Thanks for the encouragement~ hope ur progress is going well so far!