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  1. Sometimes when your skin is too dry, moisturizer alone does not help since it can't sink in, because as you said your skin is too dry. You have to exfoliate. There are a couple of ways you can do this depending on how active your acne is and irritated your skin is. 1. If you're comfortable and not worried about irritating your skin you can use a brush to gently massage your skin with the jojoba oil to remove the dry skin. 2. Use a cleanser like black soap which is exfoliating (pure black soap, r
  2. I tried proactive when i was about 22 (27 now) and it was a disaster. I was in tears the second night that i used it because of the irritation. Now, looking back, I think it had to do with the compounding of chemicals: Salicylic acid, aha, and bp (in a much higher concentration than DKR). Currently on Dan's regimen I use my own face wash, Dan's bp, and my own moisturizer. Due to how well my skin is doing and responding, I'm going to attempt to add an AHA toner (fingers crossed). Anyway, proactiv
  3. Long time lurker of acne.org but new user of the regimen. I have only been on it for a month and was really nervous about the dryness that everyone complained about because i'm one of those odd people with acne-prone skin that is also relatively dry (even though i regularly moisturize). So i did my best to be proactive and start with a pea size amount working my way up to a finger's length. I have actually not run into any issues with flaking because i stuck with oil only and no other moisturiz
  4. Sorry to hear about your lack of success with the Solodyn. Everyone is different but i would say if you think you have sensitive skin do not get a chemical peel - i have a horror story where my face was literally on fire for 2 days, bright red, it was awful. Also, i have really not read to many positive stories about microdermabrasion doing much for the skin. I have actually had a lot of success with Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with Aloe Vera. I use 1:1 ratio. Again, everyone is different but just
  5. I have a very similiar story to yours except i did not start breaking out until 21 and it wasn't due to makeup - i blame it on hormones, maybe a lifetime of poor eating habits, but in reality i have no idea. I was on Solodyn for about 6 months, took about 2 months to clear me and then although i was never 100% it seemed to have a lasting effect on my skin (almost a year?). But then it came back with a vengeance and i would just get these terrible large cystic bumps around my mouth and on my che
  6. JAG221

    Great Customer Service Effective None This product took more than 10 days to work for me but it worked. I was 90% clear after a couple of months of taking (also taking the curcumin and guggul) and now i am just dealing with the leftover scars. I was developing new large cysts daily and now i may get a few really small pimples over the course of a week - the best part though is that they are not giant and disgusting so instead of popping them i can just let them heal (preventing additional s
  7. Jane Iredale is definitely the best in my opinion. Products are expensive but you get the quality that you pay for. 2020 skincare online is the best place to get it, quick and free shipping and samples.
  8. You are asking people that are obsessed with skin and are more observant when it comes to scarring and acne to assess the severity of your scarring. If anything these will be your harshest critics and the only people that will notice it in person. If you are the only person in your circle who has acne scarring, i almost guarantee they dont notice it. I know when i didnt have acne i never noticed imperfections on skin (unless it was very severe and obvious and even then i didnt care). When you
  9. I went to an aesthetician for a while and was getting facials to get my acne under control. I asked for microdermabrasion everytime i went and although she easily could have made money off of me by doing it she always said i needed to wait until i was clear. I think a lot of amateur aestheticians who want to make extra money will do it on active acne but i would strongly recommend against it. It will just do more damage. You shouldnt attempt to heal the scars until you have gotten the active stu
  10. I buy it in larger quantities through organic-creations.com and then refrigerate it. It's cheaper and doesn't have as much extra stuff in it that i find in stores. You kind of just need to search around for it, you may have a local store that sells a good brand at a reasonable price.
  11. It may have been a typo but i just want to make sure people reading this know that hemp milk does not come from animals, so you dont need to look for it 'unpasteurized'. It's a plant (a variation of cannibis that does not contain levels of THC that get you high like Marijuana) and research indicates that the omegas in Hemp is in perfect balance for the human body, more so than anything else (flax seed, fish oil, etc). You can also make it yourself by purchasing hemp seeds online; however no
  12. Hemp milk! It's insanely good for you but not as widely known - research all the health benefits of hemp. Also, i used to try not to buy it too often because it's really expensive at health food stores but a couple of the Trader Joes in my area just started carrying it so it's half the price
  13. I wanted to give an update since i last posted on here over a month ago. It seemed to take more time for acnescript to work for me but it did and that's all that really matters. Every derm i have been to has tried to get me on accutane and when i refuse they have given me solodyn which worked but only for the time i was on it and for a few months after and the fact that you had to start getting liver tests after a yr of being on it didnt sit well with me. How could that be good for you? Anyway,
  14. No worries, they're not stupid questions. But yes, i do half acv and half aloe vera, if i run out of aloe vera i do use water but i prefer the aloe vera. Good luck to you!
  15. The weight thing is really hard to say. I have always been on the lower end of my weight bracket as well but have found a balance in my diet to keep me from being underweight (i'm also female so its of less concern to me). The tablets definitely regulate you more and i know people have reported weight loss. Acnescript was a last resort for me before going back to the derm for prescription which i am against and its amazing. It took over a month to work for me but still worked faster and is mor