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    All I have time for right now is school, but i really love the Spanish language and am definitely minoring in it next fall. I also really love all things Disney
  1. Hello my acne ridden buddies! I am going to sit here for a minute and try to find out what day it is.....somewhere in the 40s....im pretty sure its day 43 or maybe 44. Ok well any way i haven't written one of these for what seems like forever. I guarantee i can give a million excuses including midterms, spring break..etc. however i of course will not do that I am resolved to update more when i get back to school just like i am resolved to do all my homework and study more..we'll see how it
  2. YAY!! Thats reassuring to know that I'm not the only one who's a little crazy about Accutane. It's weird that laziness is a side effect i never would have guessed before this that a pill could have such a weird effect on me- but again it's nice to know i'm not alone! I will definitely look into the iron and vitamin C, I would try anything to get out of this slump and that sounds like such a simple solution I hope it works for me. Thank you for all your advice, you have no idea how much i appreci
  3. helllloooo friends! It's been a while since i posted last. I would say that I'm just a very busy person and can not be expected to post at regular intervals, but in all honesty im not that busy of a person. It just seems that lately I haven't really gotten anything accomplished and yet I have no time- do you ever get like that? I think it's a symptom of laziness but i can't be sure. I swear my derm. gets the award for "most incompetent office of medical professionals. EVER." i've been g
  4. old news, but-Pouring cereal too loudly?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! my friend told me to "stop thinking so loudly" once but he was hungover.............on another note day 16 woot!! dont you love looking in the mirror and thinking to your self " my face looks marginally less shitty today." . Or in the event that it looks way the hell worse not saying that.. It's great. hope your enjoying life and what-not including your caterpillar friends, and Mr. Creepy Mcreep! ~Dorothea
  5. ughhh day 30!! soooo jealous you're about 6 days ahead of me. Anyway I've been reading around the "been on Accutane for about a month circuit" and you fit the bill. I vote that we all befriend each other and share in our mutual "about one month" trials and tribulations of accutane usage- unless of course all the one-monthers already knows each other and i'm just out of loop. Isolating myself from the people on the site that i joined to help with my isolating... kind of odd. I'm a bit of a c
  6. Hey! I just started reading your blog- theres a few of us who are all around the same accutane starting time- my mission is to befriend all of them! Anyway I'm sure everyone taking accutane can relate to the feeling like shit thing, but i kinda feel like i can especially relate. I have been feeling disgusting too and even though the gym is within walking distance of my dorm the thought of walking across campus after my makeup has been sweat off AND being in gross smelly gym clothes is just not
  7. allsmiles19

    Day 23

    Aww thanks! you're definitely right a few months from now this will all be a very bad dream.~Dorothea
  8. allsmiles19

    Day 23

    Heres to awkward year-long sweater wearing I wore the same green jacket every single day of the sixth grade- in Arizona- where 100`f weather is an absolute almost 7 months out of the year... Although it was a girls jacket, so you have me beat there. This website is kind of tricky I constantly find new things that i have no idea how to work. Even though i'm far from feeling that way, thank you for the compliment- you're really pretty too, a few months from now and we're going to be dangers to
  9. allsmiles19

    Day 23

    hola all my acne.org peeps! sooo today is day 23. And i'm sitting here at my computer with a steaming cup of soap flavored tea -I dont know how that happened- ready to commence upon my third blog how exciting. I've been a little m.i.a. from this site because i went home this weekend. anywho I have to get my blood drawn tomorrow soooooo much fun! But it is really cool that im so close to being done with month numero uno! While i was at home this weekend my mom told me that she thinks i'll
  10. allsmiles19

    My life :/

    the first picture on there is about two and a half years ago- before my face became a war zone. i'll try to keep uploading updates of how my face is changing
  11. allsmiles19

    day 19

    HA! Thanks I like him a lot too! accutane aches are not fun... but I don't feel that sore today, so thats a plus. Maybe it only hurts when I do nothing at all to provoke it-that would be fun...I have no idea what the deal is with those weights but hopefully the next I go to the gym there will be no cute boys in sight so I can work with them a little. Keep fighting the Accutane fight! hahah~Dorothea
  12. allsmiles19

    day 19

    we are really close! im just a few days ahead. Well our doctors have us on this stuff for months at a time for a reason, i'm trying not to get my hopes too far up, but it doesn't make it any easier when i wake up and my face looks better! good luck to you too!
  13. Hope the Mario Badescu skincare line will help, keep us updated! Take care XO

  14. allsmiles19

    day 19

    Hello all It is now the end of day 19 which means thats it's close to day 20! which means THAT IT'S CLOSE TO DAY 30!! which of course is a month!! heck to the yes im excited!! i'm pretty sure i have my labs done this next Tuesday and my dermatologist appointment the following Monday which im not entirely looking forward to- particularly the lab, but it must be done. Anywho my knee started feeling better today so, of course, i decided to eff it up again by going to the gym but i didn't run on
  15. Thanks!! Good luck to you too!!