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  1. sydneyrocks18

    Acne Scars

    Can someone tell me how many microdembrasions i need for my face and if my acne scars are severe mild or moderate
  2. I heard that palmers fade cream makes scars go away but in not sure if i should get it. So i want to take your input about this product.
  3. Would this cream work on acne scars that are like 1 year old because my skin is pretty bad and i need something to even it out
  4. I have acne scars from popping my pimples and now they have left scars
  5. I have heard that Zenmed Scar Treatment is really good and that it work well on scars. My question is does it work on black people? How long does it take for it to work on your face? Is it permanent? And Please tell me about your success using Zenmed Scar Treatment