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  1. loved using this cream

    I love this cream it's light and keeps my skin moisturised this is perfect for my dry and sensitive skin. i loved it so much i also tried the anti aging night cream which has green tea in it which my skin loves. its smells amazing so im now sorted for my day and night creams x
  2. My New Favourite Cleanser

    When i saw lots of youtubers raving about this product i had to try this out myself, i have used it for over 3 months or more and i think it's amazing. I have dry and sensitive skin so at first i was worried about using this but i had nothing to worry about, the product is light and makes a good form when rubbed in between your hands. It's so light and makes my face feel clean. This has really helped keep my acne a bay yes i get the odd spot every month but it doesn't bother me anymore as i know
  3. Hello again old friends I know it's been a very long time since my last review but i have been trying something new out and i wanted to tell you what i thought. If you haven't been reading since my first blog on this website i suffered badly from acne when i was 17/18 years old, i went to the doctors for 3 months medication which slowly cleared up my skin (you can go back and read my full story on my first blog entry). I now like to blog about products that im currently using to help prevent my
  4. Hello again as promised im going to give a review of the Panoyl Aquagel I've tried this product for 2 weeks and it has good and bad points, Starting with the good points this product is good as it reduces the redness and size of the pimple overnight. Although you need careful with this product as this really dries out your skin as the Benzoyl peroxide percentage is so high, so if you have sensitive skin go for a 4% product. Also it's important to moisturize your skin after using products like t
  5. Vampireninja is my new best friend for eva

    1. Hello How are you peeps? Yes it's been a very long time, as in my last entry i was talking about my 21st birthday. Lots of things have changed first of all I'm now older, 22 years old. I have a new job that I'm currently enjoying so far, My skin has had good and bad days as everyone else does have but it has flared up more then normal which has made me worry a little that my acne may have returned a bit. No matter tho as spots come and go and im not going to let this affect my mind set. Oh i
    2. Hello Peeps! Again I know it's been a VERY long time since my last blog but I've just been busy sorting things out. I don't really go on here as much as my skin has cleared up, yes i get the odd spot like everyone else but things are sooo much better now. Quick shout to my friend on here with the username : Vampireninja09! I'm not sure if she reads my blogs or not but she has been a real friend to me since I was suffering with skin problems. We don't know each other in person in re
    3. Missing my friend Vampireninja09! + 30th Aug it's my 21st bday! XD

      1. Vampireninja09


        Missing you too!!! :(

    4. Hello Friends! I know it's been a REALLY! long time since my last post! but I've recovered from my Acne thanks to my doctors and will power of getting through my treatment at the doctors. Im so happy now and for those who are still suffering with acne, don't worry there is light at the end! The one thing i would say is! Go to your doctors as soon as possible if you think you have developed acne. The reason i got Acne was because I used soo many different facial products e.g. clean and clear
    5. Im so happy right now! Went to the Doctors today and she said No more tablets!! my acne has cleared up nicely and im in the best mood ever! She has given me some cream to clear up some marks from the acne but im SSSSSSSSOOO HAPPY! 4 months of sadness and joy has been well worth it! Advice i would give would include! go to the doctors as soon as you have a skin problem! then that way it will be sorted out alot quicker! Keep being positive and dont let ppl bring you down! Love You All! WH
    6. Hey peeps really quick update, ive completed college now got a pass grade for my 2 years of work. now looking for a job with pressure and stress from the parents ;(. I have my next doctors appointment soon which is going to be with another doctor as my normal skin doctor isnt going to be there which is ok cant wait for all of this to be OVER!
    7. Sadly i throught that i had been taking this tablets for more then just this amount of time, today i felt happy because i throught i had done 2 months and i only had 2 more months to go! but no i was wrong . i have my 2nd blood test tomorrow which im not looking forward to as i have a fear of needles! i just want these 4 months to be over already!
    8. Hey peeps so i have reached over 1 month now of taking these annoying tablets, no im not enjoying it but i think im slowly becoming my cheeki happy self again! So happy so far but i can't wait until these next 3 months of treatment are OVER! Write Soon, Sorry it's a short one! RedLadyBug91 x o x o x o
    9. Hey peeps im still taking my tablets like a gd girl lol, im hating it but its going to be worth it in the end! Sadly i have another blood test on the 25 may! i hate needles!! and my next appointment is the 1st june! if anyone is finding it hard atm with any medication that they have been given by thier doctor stick with it. it's all really worth it in the end! Mwah x RedLadyBug91 x o x o