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  1. alackofcolor

    WORKS! Topically and Internally, reduces acne and scarring. Glowy skin More energy Weight loss Better immune system Tasty Cheap If you don't brew it right it can go bitter, or some may dislike the taste If I have 3 or 4 cups one after the other I get really hot (even with iced tea) and I get really low blood pressure for those of you saying it's bitter you don't need to brew it for a long time! what I do is... - Boil some water, about 3.5 mugs fu
  2. That's great advice, thank you They don't sell that sunblock where I live >< But I think the moisturizer I'm using is thick enough. Aloe Vera broke you out? Did you use "pure" aloe vera gel? Oh and how long did it take for the burn to heal, did it leave a scar?
  3. @bek_cogent Ah yeah- patch testing is a good idea! well I put the moisturizer on, mixed with a bit of aloe vera, and it's super greasy! feels like Vaseline when I've rubbed it in. calmed down the itchiness and hydrated the area. hopefully this will promote healing @ohhhhhhnooooooo yeah I think it's dry because the skin's regenerating/healing and the old burnt skin is flaking off- I really wouldn't know though!:') have you found something effective for healing chemical burns?
  4. Nope, no Neospririn or Aquaphor. I searched the local drugstore's website and nothing. If they had it I'd go out and buy it straight away. Do you think the lotion would irritate? like I said, it's formulated especially for irritated skin and it's a very well trusted brand here for sensitive skin. The first 3 ingredients are water and petroleum products. Isn't Vasaline petroleum jelly? So would it be the same thing kinda.. it has no perfume or colour or anything. I want to avoid leaving the h
  5. thanks for the advice, but I haven't seen any of those products where I live but the lotion is formulated for irritated/eczema skin so I don't think it'll irritate Aqua and Petrolatum are the first two ingredients in the lotion
  6. I used to use Benzoyl Peroxide like how the regimen recommends and it was fine, I just got some flakiness. Then I weaned off and my face is clear with standard cleanse/tone/moisturize. Now idk what happened. A year later I'm hyper sensitive to BP. I put such a tiny layer on 3 or 4 zits and on my forehead- the EXACT same brand and everything. I got chemical burns from it a couple days ago and with the aid of some aloe vera it's beginning to slooowly fade! The thing is though it's become really
  7. to cut a long story short, 5% benzoyl peroxide used to clear up my acne with little side effects, then something happened to me which pretty much destroyed my health, I'm fine now but now I get rashes when I apply it. I put a thiiiin layer on some zits and now the "circle" of cream that came in contact with my skin is raised, red, a weird texture, and hella. itchy. so glad I didn't put it all over my face. I don't know what the technical name for this is but does anyone know what I can do to g
  8. I use this on my arms and legs followed by the regular Palmer's Cocoa Butter formula, just as a moisturizer and to get rid of dead skin cells What I've noticed is not only is my skin ridiculously smooth and soft, the scars on my shoulder (from shoulder acne...shacne? haha) have disappeared! I think it's definitely down to the "Skin Smoothing" lotion because I put it on after I'd fake tanned the day before.. and my skin became white again! haha. It certainly eats through skin. It's quite chea
  9. I tried it last night....wow. after just ONE half-hour application, my scars are really really light! thank you so much for this tip!
  10. Acne has loads of different causes though. You may have tried a product once that didn't help your skin at all, but cleared your friend up. Everyone's skin is different, their acne may be hormonal, or from a bad diet, or other outside factors. Accutane is the closest there is for a "cure", and if you're lucky you'll find a regimen that clears you up. We'll just have to wait and see if someone comes up with a proper cure...
  11. make sure you moisturise really, really well. any dry patches and it will be cakey do you put concealer on your blemishes? try out a really creamy, blendable concealer with high coverage and put your mineral foundation on over that. that means you can put less foundation on, thus less cakeyness also maybe try out some setting sprays... I've heard that Fix+ from Mac can get rid of cakeyness, and I know that Clinique's Moisture Surge spray does too.
  12. It's amazing. I love it. I use it every night for one week a month. (check my siggy for details). It's helped lighten my acne scars, soften my skin "permanently". as in, it isn't just soft until a couple hours later, my skin has been baby soft since I started using it. it brightens my face and give it a glow (not an oily glow...lol). reduces redness and active acne. declogs pores. It's just amazing
  13. I use Simple face wipes. I don't know if they have them where you are, but they're a really popular product and take all my makeup off. They're gentle, cheap, and don't aggravate acne (I have extremely acne and clog prone skin. One bad product touches my face.. bam. Acne.)
  14. I've heard how great apple is for the skin, I might try that! the green tea one is fantastic, definitely go for it! I adapted it (as well as my toner) from a Bubzbeauty video on Youtube. She has a few other DIY skin tips as well
  15. SIMPLE WIPES. I worship them, haha, and so do all my friends who wear makeup. they're so gentle and light, but remove makeup quickly Dr Nick Lowe Purifying Foaming Cleanser. It literally washes your zits off... crazy. I only get a pimple or two once a month now ) Soap and Glory- No Clogs Allowed. I used to use this mask a lot, it's great for clogged pores. I don't buy it any more because I spend most of my money on starbucks and clothes (my bad...). I also end up using it all in like a week. but