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  1. Jojoba didn't work for me. BUT it might work well for you. It didn't really seep in and hydrate my skin. But you need to try it for yourself first. What works for me is Almond Oil. I feel that it's much more hydrating. In fact, this is the only moisturizer I use on top of Dan's BP. How I use it: Wash with cleanser (Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser) Pat dry and apply BP (full finger on Week 2) Wait 5-15 minutes SLATHER Almond or Jojoba Oil at Night. It'll be very shiny but you're sleep
  2. Hi there, I know that BP can darken ur skin because of the dryness it causes, because of this, my skin is totally uneven with my neck. It's like ebony and ivory so I was wondering if it'd be okay to use BP and Meladerm together like BP then wait 15 mins then apply the Meladerm. Meladerm is a safe whitening product, free of hydroquinone and other dangerous products. I hope to hear from some of you!
  3. Hey guys, I've just started out the regimen last week using Clean & Clear Persa Gel 5 as my benzoyl peroxide(at 5% though). And I was thinking of switching to using Dan's BP gel to avoid that much dryness caused by the 5%. I was wondering if my skin would have to readjust to the BP gel after using the cream, or would I be just able to use it without irritation or purging? I can handle the dryness with the 5% with moisturizer, but I think switching to 2.5% would be less drying then I wouldn