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  1. A little over a pound of beef chuck roast that's been slow cooking all night with some spinach (cooked in leftover beef broth), roasted carrots and onions, and a large dallop of guacamole. I actually have pictures of this one that I took for something else. http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b374/pyr...Pics/chuck6.jpg Mmm baby. Probably going to do some salmon and fried eggs later tonight. And some asparagus in coconut oil as well.
  2. would still be obsessing, but I'm done with that. Waaay too much wasted time. How've you been doing these last few months?

  3. Hey there. :) I'm still alive and kickin', just trying my damnedest to make some changes in life. One of them being to stop obsessing over my acne and appearance in general, and taking a break from the org was a natural step in that process. I'm actually pretty clear with the dietary changes I've made. Not 100%, but it's manageable, and that's good enough for me. The old me

  4. Where did you disappear to?

  5. Seriously? Just tell them grains give you issues and leave it at that. There's no need to go through any elaborate excuses or acts.
  6. Seriously, this. You guys need to learn how the human body works. You're not going to turn into a rancid, greasy caveman by not showering for a few days. And if you do, it's only because your body is so dependent on shampoos and lotions and body washes that it freaks out when it doesn't get them. You should shower when you feel you need a shower, not when unfounded conventional wisdom tells you you need to shower. Yeah you could use moisturizer if showers are drying out your skin, you coul
  7. http://www.gutsense.org Worth reading.
  8. Duuude, quit trippin'. My nose looks three times as bad from three times the distance. You don't have blackheads. You're hardly flaky either. Try getting a little more good fats in your diet.
  9. Cereal's a shitty breakfast any way if you ask me, but oatmeal's probably one of your better bets.
  10. Don't buy into that garbage, this country doesn't know a damn thing about health. You'd actually do well to avoid most of what the FDA deems "safe". Stay away from MSG and soy, they're both poison. There's nothing wrong with real seasonings, I use them all the time. A lot of what you listed in your original post is acceptable, including salt. Stick with natural seasonings (ginger, cinnamon, paprika, etc.) and stay away from processed sauces and vegetable oils. I eat what most people th
  11. You want fatty fish that are also low in mercury. Salmon, sardines, tuna and mackerel are what I eat. The mercury isn't as big of a deal as it's made out to be, as fish like tuna contain high levels of selenium, which the mercury bonds to and is never absorbed by the body. You still don't want to be eating something like tuna every day though.
  12. Are you positive you have candida? Maybe you just need to avoid gluten...
  13. I get my fats from coconut oil (and other forms of coconut), eggs, olive oil, butter, guacamole and fatty fish (salmon, sardines, and mackerel mainly). If you can afford or find grass-fed fatty meats, those are great as well.
  14. The consumption of coconut products is actually encouraged on this diet if I'm not mistaken. They're full of saturated fats and have a lot of health benefits. If you don't notice any signs of an intolerance, I'd say go for it. I'm not clear from paleo yet, but sweet potato might be a good place to start experimenting, if you're looking to see how you handle the extra carbs. White rice is pretty harmless too, but not nearly as nutritious and delicious. Vitamin D and Zinc would be good to
  15. If you're keeping your drug use at a reasonable level, then I really don't think it's anything to worry about. I'm a regular user of psychedelics (2C-E, DMT, mushrooms, etc.) and dissociatives (Ketamine, DXM) and I've never noticed a difference in regards to my skin whether I'm using or not. I usually dose once or twice a month at most. Certain substances can fuck with my digestion if I ingest them, but it only lasts for a day or so. Be sure to give your body and mind some rest between trips and