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  1. hi supreet... even i came frm india 2 USA n faced d exact same prblm...my guess is bec of d extreme cold...my hormones went for a toss..get ur hormones checked..n exercise regularly
  2. this has happened 2 me wen i tried 2 pop systs which never used 2 cum 2 its head... but urs looks more angry... n lot more infected.. try neosporin n ice but if it doesnt help in 2 days plz visit ur dermo asap!
  3. i have stopped isotretinoin on my derms advice as i was gettin 2 many side effects.. took for a month i guess... im tryin 2 cut dwn carbs..but i then am left wid very few options left for food!! ne suggestions on some diet which will satisfy my hunger?? coz i only get ful wid rice or bread:(
  4. yup...seems like a advertisement..d member is also a new member!
  5. thanks 4 ur compliments starry )) i appreciate u following d vits listed by me.. i hope u get clear soon!!! just updating d vits i take now: multivit 1 vit c-1 tab evening primrose oil with omega-2 tabs rooibos tea 2-3 cups/day also i avoid any fried stuff, dairy and caffeniated drinks hope it helps u:)
  6. dude ur cheeks look fine 2 me... just a lil red thats normal if u have acne..n wil fade with time..i think u r simply over reacting..chill:)
  7. hey thanks 4 d compliment,...but u knw wat i took just 20 tabs of tane n it dint clear me ! seriously i had cysts comin up... n tane was givin me side effects such as elevated liver enzymes n eczema.. i dint notice a change until i did 4 weeks of homeopathy..this is just my experience..im not givin ne advise here!lets c..i am on a 1 year homeopath course..il keep u posted abt d progress
  8. i wud suggest vit c and evening primose oil capsules( really helps 2 balance hormones)
  9. thanks 4 all ur support guys!! im finaly started homeopathy n im again clear (touchwood) im sure im soon gonna get my old skin again i do have a cyst or 2..but nothin compared 2 wat d initial breakout was!! i can now confidently go out:) Thank god for homeopathy!! n ya..controlled diet does play a role! this is wat im sure il be soon:) (hope so my clear lasts n continues 2 look better!!:/) i dont wan post another post sayin tat i broke out again!
  10. thats just bec exercising causes increased blood flow to your skin...which is doin good 2 ur skin...dnt worry..itll help it in healing it much faster:)
  11. hey fellow indians!! Hi Im also indian came here 9 mnths ago n since i came here my skins playin havoc!! lagta hai is jagah ki climate mujhe bilkul bhi suit nahi ho rahi! hope 2 get sum advise frm u guys
  12. I tried emu oil frm emu essence...i had just red marks left after tane... after applyin emu i definitely found d redness fadin BUT my cystic acne has returned with a vengeance!! just a week after stoppin tane n startin emu!!! the rest of d face wer i applied emu has becum smooth but seriously ppl dnt try if ur prone 2 cystic acne!! im so disappointed with my skin now!
  13. wen u start 2 feel happy tat ur skin is clearin up...n wham!! u get breakouts n redness all over again:( wen frends feel like enemies wen they comment on how bad ur skin looks 2day! wen u r afraid 2 socialise n hang out wid frends bec of d damn acne on ur face!
  14. dude u dnt need anything!! ur scars r harrrdly visible!!relax n enjoy ur clear skin!